EAT LEAD Xbox 360 £4.73 (£3.73 with voucher) @ The Hut
EAT LEAD Xbox 360 £4.73 (£3.73 with voucher) @ The Hut

EAT LEAD Xbox 360 £4.73 (£3.73 with voucher) @ The Hut

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£4.73 (£3.73 with the £1 voucher if u haven't already used it) + possible 7.5% back through Quidco. So possibly around the £3.50 mark if Quidco tracks.
Gamespot's website says 6/10
IGN say 5.2/10

Product Review
Release Date: 27 March 2009

Its Hazard Time! The 8th wonder of the video game world is Matt Hazard and he is back in Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard. In Eat Lead, classic 80s video game action hero Matt Hazard, voiced by Will Arnett (30 Rock and Arrested Development), gets his chance to prove once and for all that he is the king of shooters when Wallace Wally Wellesley, new owner of mega game publisher Marathon Megasoft, voiced by Neil Patrick Harris (How I Met Your Mother and Dr. Horribles Sing-Along Blog), gives Matt his comeback role starring in a new title for Xbox 360 and PS3.

In the world of Eat Lead, however, everything stops being a game and becomes reality when it is clear that Wally is using the new game to bring about Matts death once and for all. With only the mysterious QA to help him, Matt must fight against zombies, cowboys, space marines and more to keep his game from being over.

With an original storyline by 2008 Writers Guild of America Videogame Writing Award winner, Dave Ellis, Eat Leads unique blend of comedy and action will provide gamers with a shooter experience like no other where hardcore gunfire may kill their enemies, but laughs may bust our bellies.

Award Winning Comedic Storyline Written by 2008 Writers Guild Award winner, Dave Ellis, Eat Lead is a side-splitting ingenious storyline and setting thats never been explored before in the shooter genre. Both Will Arnett and Neil Patrick Harris deliver perfectly timed punch lines that will make gamers laugh in hilarity with their solid voice performance as Matt Hazard and Wallace Wellesley.

Spoofed Retro Characters Fight Back Help classic video game stars such as Master Chef and Captain Carpenter redeem their dignity against enemy foes like Sting Sniperscope and Sonny Tang and get to the bottom of why all these iconic characters worlds converge.

Intense Combat Action Attack enemies with everything from plasma rifles, to sniper rifles and old-west six shooters, the sniper rifle turret, or use a number of different interactive melee moves to help Matt destroy Wallys legion of back-catalogue video game characters.

Unique Level Design An expansive level environment design reflects years of videogame history in a next-gen package including levels that are radically transformed via precisely timed hack effects to challenge Matt Hazard with new scenarios throughout each battle.

Strategic Point-and-Cover System Eat Lead uses a strategic point and cover system that allows gamers to go far beyond simply hiding behind walls when they can move up to, over, between, and around any cover objects with a fluidity never before seen in a game.

Intelligent Physics System Eat Lead makes use of the intelligent physics system that includes destructible items and smart objects, where items can be destroyed or moved to blow through cover or act as temporary safe havens throughout the game environment.

* PEGI 16+


It's hazard time!!! (this will annoy half way through the game)

Worth the money for a simple shooter with a little comedy value.

Hot from me.

(Get the same if not more on trade in when complete)

Agree - bought it my X360 and well worth a few quid.
Hot !

anyone actually been sent there £1 voucher yet?

worth a pack of cigs

Original Poster


anyone actually been sent there £1 voucher yet?

not me, think i read "new members only"??? i'm not new but only sent away 4 it today, it did say "up to 2 days for voucher" so fingers crossed.

£4.73 is still the cheapest i've seen. Even without using the £1 off voucher.
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