EBAY £10 VOUCHER WITH YOUR FIRST SALE (possibly selected accounts only - read description)

EBAY £10 VOUCHER WITH YOUR FIRST SALE (possibly selected accounts only - read description)

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Found 6th Jul
This is my first post so don't beat me up for it. I have seen something similar to this posted but I thought this might be something new. So here goes:

I have a spare account which is inactive. However I recently discovered that ebay are offering me a £10.00 voucher with my first sale.

Possibly only selected accounts which are not used or are spares.

Here's what ebay said:

Make extra cash, give once-loved items a new home and buy new things to love. To help you along we've extended our offer of a £10 voucher* when your first item sells.


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Why is this going cold?

Possibly because it's selected accounts only..

hassan7866541 h, 48 m ago

Why is this going cold?

Unless a deal is reproducible for at least 50% of HKUD'ers, then chances are you're going to get frozen nipples.
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What a joke Ebay are now. Sold an item with this offer as I haven't done so in a while. Got the voucher and then purchased an item with the voucher and that seller then refunded my order so I lost the voucher. Ebay wouldn't refund the voucher under any circumstances. Customer services was appalling. Won't be selling on eBay again.

The last time I sold an item on eBay (a pair of expensive shoes), the buyer wore the shoes for a wedding and then claimed a free return saying they were damaged on arrival. When they came back, they were perfect - so it cost me postage and the buyer got a free pair of shoes for the weekend. Ebay wouldn't listen. I'll never sell on eBay again.
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