Ebay Littlewoods-Clearance -Vax Power 2 Pet Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner £59.99 60% off

Ebay Littlewoods-Clearance -Vax Power 2 Pet Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner £59.99 60% off

Found 24th Mar 2011
Vax Power 2 Pet Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner - U91P2P
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RRP Price: £149.99
Our Price: £59.99
Condition: New

Fed up with trying to tackle those stubborn pet hairs? Vax has designed this with you in mind!
Helping control bacteria in your home, this vacuum is fitted with an antibacterial filter
Also helping to pick up pet hairs it has a Turbo Tool that is also great for cleaning, car interiors, stairs and upholstery.
The VAX Power 2 Pet vacuum cleaner is part of the Power range of up upright vacuum cleaners from VAX.
Easy to use both on hard floors and carpets and featuring a selection of on board tools to carry out a variety of cleaning tasks around the home.
If you have an allergy sufferers in the house, the HEPA filtration may help relieve some of their suffering.
2m hose
Carpet height adjuster
Extension wand and crevice tool
Lightweight, easy to manoevre and powerful
Weight 6.9kg
Dimensions H106cm x D33cm x W34cm
6m power cord
3L dust capacity


This is the only review I could find, which isn't exactly, well I'll let you read it:

The following is based on my own experience.I bought a Vax U91-P2 Power2 … The following is based on my own experience.I bought a Vax U91-P2 Power2 Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner end of August 2009. It is now in the back of my cupboard collecting dust. No pun intended!!!When I first used the product, it was good - couldn't fault it. However, when I tried to use it the second time, it wouldn't pick up dust. Off I went to Curries to complain about the problem. They carried out a basic floor test, ie tried to clean a small floor area in the store to see what the fault was. After the basic test, they could see that the cleaner was not picking up dust. They said the filter was blocked hence no pick up and that the filter needed cleaning.I said, ‘to save me driving all the way home, can I purchase a spare filter in store to replace the one inside the cleaner – that way you can test it again straightaway?’. They said 'we do not keep spare filters in stock for this particular cleaner' so I took it home, cleaned the filter (which, I believe, was already clean) hoping it would solve the problem but still the vacuum cleaner would not pick up dust. Off I went back to Curries the same day. They looked at the cleaner again (same personnel) but this time they could not find fault with the filter so they then put it down to a fault with the drive belt. They said it had snapped. I asked ‘what would cause the drive belt to snap’? They asked me if I had rugs or throws with frills or tassles on them. I said 'yes'. Then they said, 'if the frills or tassles get caught in the belt that that would cause the belt to snap or break'. I said, 'if that is a basic flaw with regards to frills and tassels, how come that information is not communicated on the packaging or in the instruction manual?'. then I said 'if I had that information at the time of purchase I would not have bought that particular vacuum cleaner as it would not have been suitable for me’. They chose not to respond that question.'They then said ‘it is repairable but at a cost’. I said 'the vacuum cleaner is less then 6 weeks old and you want me to pay for it to be repaired? Why would I do that? Why would I repair something that would eventually break again and again and again? The cleaner is not suitable for what I want it to do and that is to clean my carpets and rugs whether I have frills or tassles on them or not. Furthermore, why throw good money after bad?' Again, no response.I was determined they would not break me and cause me to lose my temper.They refused to refund my money leaving me no choice but to return home with the faulty vacuum cleaner.I will make an appointment with my local Citizens Advice Bureau to try and get a full refund.My advice to all who are thinking of buying the Vax U91-P2 Vacuum Cleaner, be warned – invest wisely.In my opinion, this is a 'no frills' vacuum cleaner. No joke!!!I have already thrown out my old vacuum cleaner for the sake of upgrading it (big mistake). I have no choice now but to buy new again.This time I will choose a basic Dyson, even if it goes in 'straight lines'. My family own one, my colleagues at work own one, my employer owns one. Why oh why didn't I buy one??I hope this review is helpful to someone out there.

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uh oh, i just bought 1, hope that review above is a 1 off

hmm i think this is the one or similar i got from tesco and returned...i have the vax cylinder and thats great and was around this price too x

It's around the £60 price af numerous retailers.

I agree with the review. It is junk.
I had one and after 3 uses it would not pick up anything. I returned it and got a refund.

Don't go to citizens advice, just threaten the retailer with court action in the small claims court.
They will capitulate as they cannot reclaim costs and will not defend the case. It is not cost effective to send someone to court to contest. Anyway, Vax will refund Currys.

I had the same problem a couple of years ago with a hoover cleaner but after 28 days the retailer would not take it back and said the rubber belts are not covered.so i went to the little shop that sells vacs bits paid £1.99 for a belt and touch wood not had one go since..so it might be worth spending a couple of quid to sort the problem..if not just phone vax tell them you have replaced the belts and it keeps going they will repair or if your lucky exchange it for you.
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