eBay Photo Studio Kit 50% off, £19.99 @ Maplin

eBay Photo Studio Kit 50% off, £19.99 @ Maplin

Found 11th Jun 2010
* Easy to setup, lightweight, table-top portable studio delivers professional quality photos
* Ideal for use as an Ebay photo kit
* Ideal for use with digital cameras
* Special nylon diffuser screen creates soft lighting, eliminates harsh shadows with balanced colour and remarkable definition
* Complete with table-top lights, 2 backgrounds, folding photo camera stand plus integrated, self-storage travel carrier


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HUD is messing with the link... Direct link: maplin.co.uk/mod…132

You need to change the link in the OP as it links to some AA batteries

The link you posted above is correct though :-)

I like it, heat and rep!

Nice ...But to be honest i wouldnt use it or need it the carpet or floor would be just a good to take a picture check the reviews they are not very good !

I've seen it all now

I picked up one of these off ebay a while ago. The kit folds into it's own carry case which is pretty good.

However, the camera stand is extremely flimsy, will hold a small compact but you won't be getting on a decent zoom (DSLR is definitely a no go)

One word of warning, those lights get EXTREMELY hot to the point I don't think they are actually safe. I'm not kidding, after 10 minutes of use those lights get ridiculously hot all the way down the stand. Once used, you've got to let them cool for half an hour or so before you can really handle them. Definitely not something to either leave supervised or with kids around.

The light box itself is almost worth the money, but I'm not voting hot or cold because of those lights.


I have the actual photobox thingy - was £10 from Maplin years ago. Works pretty well although isnt fantastic, often the floor, desk or bed will do just as good a job!

I also have thebox (sold on it's own for £10, & for those days when you are spreading crap to sell on ebay all over your table etc as you have a clearout these can provide a good clear backdrop for small items we use led floodlighting to enhance as needed, with a good camera they can certainly tidy up an image giving a bit of weight to the price of your goods if the background doesn't look like steptoes yard / a student bed-sit.

not bad kit, don't know about the lights, too much faffing around for myliking with the possibility of burning the fabric seeing as last time I looked these were halogen.
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