Ebay Sell for £1 Again....... (Poss Account Specific)

Ebay Sell for £1 Again....... (Poss Account Specific)

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Cant see any other posts for this......

Create up to 5 listing(s) on eBay.co.uk in an eligible category, starting during the promotion period, using the auction-style or fixed price format, and pay a maximum of £1 on its final value fees if the item sells. The promotion is valid for the first 5 listings which go live during the promotion period.

Before your listing starts, you need to have actively opted in to the promotion via the RSVP link shown in the marketing communication.

You won’t pay an insertion fee for these 5 listings.
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Only Upto 5 listings


not valid for me
Unfortunately, this promotional offer is by invitation only.
Comes up as expired?
Not for me either!
Not for me
Mike - didn't work for me. Cheers
Nor me :-(
Probably just for those who haven't activated the recent offers.
Not for me this time but thanks for posting
Not for me. I didn’t get the recent offer either.

Don’t eBay realise I have a load of stuff here to sell lol
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Says by invite only. At least this time the message is correct as on the last £1 offer it said it had expired when people were still using it.
Aww not for me. Cheers for heads up tho
Thanks for posting.

This site always needs more account specific ebay deals.
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