eBook Search PRO - Find Free books for iBooks & other readers with this handy App (IOS) FREE @ iTunes

eBook Search PRO - Find Free books for iBooks & other readers with this handy App (IOS) FREE @ iTunes

Found 10th Dec 2015
This app finds entertaining books for me to read when I run out of money. It works so smoothly. I just tried another app that promises to do the same kind of thing but I would definitely recommend this one. It has found me some of the most entertaining books I have read for a long time and when they are contemporary authors I have gone on to pay for more books by the same author knowing that I wasn't going to be disappointed.

If you’d like an almost endless supply of FREE books delivered directly to your iBooks, Kindle, or Nook app -- or almost any other eBook reader app -- then you’ll want to install eBook Search Pro right now.

The PRO version gives you all the free books of eBook Search, but with none of the annoying advertising and over 60,000 more books. Books from the ManyBooks catalog with--as you might expect—scores of books, and--by popular demand--the Munseys catalog known for its unsurpassed collection of free Pulp Fiction, Religion books, and hard to find titles.

It’s like having VIP access to the world’s largest bookstore… crammed to the rafters with over 2 million books, and open 24/7. Best of all, it fits into your iPhone or iPad.

No matter where you are -- lying by the pool, chilling in your local Starbucks, or waiting at the airport -- you’ll always have a great book to read.

You’ll simply browse through the eBook Search Pro catalogs, pick a book, and after a couple of taps on the screen you’ll be reading the book on your favorite eBook reader app -- iBooks, Kindle, Nook, or MegaReader (or most other reader apps)… it’s up to you.

eBook Search Pro taps into a little known supply of classic books -- by authors like Jane Austen, and Mark Twain. All the books you’ve promised yourself you’ll read “one day.”

That day is now. With eBook Search Pro you’ll catch up on all the reading you’ve missed, with a world of great literature at your fingertips. But it’s not just the classics you get with eBook Search Pro.

But here’s where it gets really good. Every single book you get with eBook Search Pro -- and there’s over 2 million of them - is absolutely free.
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Excellent thank you
Good find there , looks good .
thanks op

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Many thanks!
Says 79p for me

Says 79p for me

79p for me too

79p for me too

And me 3 ..... :-(
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