Ebuyer 7" Digital Photo Frame 480*234 Pixel TFT LCD in Blue £34.45 Delivered
Ebuyer 7" Digital Photo Frame 480*234 Pixel TFT LCD in Blue £34.45 Delivered

Ebuyer 7" Digital Photo Frame 480*234 Pixel TFT LCD in Blue £34.45 Delivered

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Loads of pictures of your friends on your phone and digital camera? Unlock the fun time by popping your memory card into this funky photo frame. A perfect addition to your bedroom.

You can display single photos, thumbnails or create dynamic slideshows on your desk, in the kitchen, conservatory, or mounted on the wall. See, share and relive those fun memories with high quality, print-like pictures with full colour, high pixel density and adjustable brightness to match your ambient light conditions.

This 7" photo frame is extremely easy to use and you can view digital photos directly from memory cards without the need for a PC. Or simply plug the frame into your computer via a USB connection (included) and download your images.

The rise of the digital photo frame has transformed digital images from being a hidden medium to a live and dynamic performance of our photos. Now you can display not one, but dozens of pictures through a single picture frame. It's considerably easier to use than battling with your printer at home to try and get a decent print, and the end result is far more vibrant and 'alive' than a dull piece of paper.

Features / Specifications:

* Display: 7 inch, 480*234 Pixel TFT LCD
* Supported Memory Cards: SD and MMC
* Slide show supporting JPEG format
* Supports a file size up to4MB
* Features slide show intervals of 5s/15s/30s/1m/15m/30m/45m/1h
* Buttons for easy control of all necessary functions
* Hook holes for application on the wall
* Power Supply: DC 12V, 1.35 - 1.5A input
* Accessories: Manual, Adapter, Stand


This was posted a few days ago

wayhay! time for the monthly post of this bad boy!

I swear this has come around every single month for the last year or so!

Thanks to the poster anyways, its not a bad deal, personally I'll be looking for one with better stats, methinks ebay is the location....


This was posted a few days ago

It had to be removed due to issues of self-promotion.

Also available in white and black for an extra couple of quid.

Just bought two, one for my parents and one for the inlaws-to-be, free shipping on that value order too! :-D

Buy 2 for £29.99 each inc delivery

ahhh so it was the old (2 days ago) one that i tried to vote hot. =)

I thought the blue perspex front looked a bit less cheap than some of the earlier offerings and I was able to get free delivery after i found the perfect shredder (at last) there too. (added to HUKD today)

IT was only last xmas that these were going for £90.
By next xmas i expect to be able to pick up a high definition version with THX surround sound. Till then.... thanks asusboy

Shame on the resolution being quite low on these things still for the size screen (compare it with the screen of a PSP, similar res, much smaller screen, or a Nokia 770, much higher res, much smaller screen!)....

But for the price, can't argue really, voted hot!

Bought one for me, one for the inlaws and one for my sister as a Christmas present.
For that money it's a bargain. Voted hot.

hey dudes

for those who have bought 1, whats this 4 MB FILE SIZE about?

It even says that on the units WITH VIDEO support. a video thats

Would one of these allow ...say composite input and allow videos to be fed through...Like a cctv camera?

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