Ebuyer DTV-2000 Compact Scart Freeview Receiver DVBT Tuner in Black £26.57 Delivered
Ebuyer DTV-2000 Compact Scart Freeview Receiver DVBT Tuner in Black £26.57 Delivered

Ebuyer DTV-2000 Compact Scart Freeview Receiver DVBT Tuner in Black £26.57 Delivered

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85 days to go...

Starting in 2007 and ending in 2012, TV services in the UK will go completely digital, TV region by TV region. This process is called Digital switchover

After switchover, all television in the UK will be digital. The UKs old television broadcast signal (known as anologue) is being switched off and replaced with a digital signal. Any TV set or video recorder thats not converted to digital when the switchover takes place will no longer receive TV programmes.

What are the benefits of digital TV?
Compared to traditional TV, it brings many new ways to enjoy your TV:

Extra TV channels as standard
Subscription channels
Improved quality
New features
Access services
How does it work?
With digital TV, sound and pictures from the broadcaster are converted into bits of information and sent through an aerial, satellite, telephone line or cable. This digital signal is then turned back into pictures and sound by a digital box or a digital TV set.

What equipment will I need to get digital television?
You do not need to replace your existing television sets to receive digital services. You will need to get some additional equipment that will connect to your existing television.

Digital Terrestrial TV: viewers will need a digital set top box or a new television with built in digital adapter (known as an integrated digital TV, or IDTV). Some viewers may also need to replace their aerial.
Digital Satellite TV: viewers will need a satellite receiver and dish, provided by the satellite broadcaster.
Digital Cable TV: a connection to a cable system and indoor decoder box is provided by the cable company.


Single SCART connector
Most compact design
Bandwidth of 6/7/8MHz supported
Automatic/manual channel search
COFDM demodulator
Supports remote control
EPG (Electronic Program Guide) function
Teletext function (where available)
Multiple-language OSD
Channel edit, moving and deletion
Parental lock control
Supports subtitle
MPEG2 Decoding
ETSI EN 300 744 DVB-T Compliance

Don't forget Quidco


"85 days to go..." - Try 5 years! Yes I'm in the 2012 region! I live in a valley so I can't even receive Freeview until then!

seems to require a power source of 12V @ 2amps - that's quite a lot for such a small device and if it does consume 2A, it would almost definitely become exceptionally warm, bordering hot.
And is the power source actually supplied? There is no mention of it in the item description. Can anyone advise? Thanks.


Don't forget Quidco

sadly, ebuyer has actually withdrawn from Quidco :-(
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