Ebuyer Egoman MP3 Player + 4GB 7dayshop SD Card for only £29.99 inc VAT & PP
Ebuyer Egoman MP3 Player + 4GB 7dayshop SD Card for only £29.99 inc VAT & PP

Ebuyer Egoman MP3 Player + 4GB 7dayshop SD Card for only £29.99 inc VAT & PP

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Cheapo Memory less MP3 player. It should supports 4GB cards although I haven't tried it. It costs £8.05 including VAT and delivery. If you add a 4GB SD card from 7Dayshop, you get the cheapest 4GB MP3 player available, a bargain when compared to iPod's shuffle for example. Quidco gives you Cashback on this one

File support:MP3(MPEG 1/2 layer 3)
USB 2.0 (high speed)
Support SD/MMC Card(64MB/128MB/256MB/512M/1GB)
Equalizer mode: Nomal/Bass/Jazz/Rock/Classic
A-B repeat function
Support Windows 98SE/2000/ME/XP/Mac so 9.2.2 and upwards edition operation system
Hold function
Battery life: more than 8 hours with AAA alkaline battery
Package Components
1 AAA Alkaline battery
Stereo earphone
Drive CD disk
Note: Requires an SD Card


Guys, please look at spec of mp3 player

It states:

256/512/1gb memory

No mention of 4gb support. So, if you do buy this, I advise getting max 1gb.

I wouldn't go for any more than 512MB of memory if the player does not have folder support.

Just consider the number of times you will have to press forward if your 1GB disk can hold 250 tracks and you want to play one in the middle.

Also with 8 hours battery life, assuming a 3 minute track length you would never get past 2/3 of the way through a 1GB card before the power runs out, and you will be starting from the beginning again with a new battery.

So, 512MB without folder support, or the sky's the limt if you do.

Just my opinoin, but everyones welcome to it!

i have one of these but wouldn't recommend it at all since i prefer an lcd screen - okay the ipod shuffle doesn't have one - but this doesn't even have a random play feature so you just have to skip songs otherwise you hear the songs in the same order - this can be a real pain.
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