Ebuyer Happy Hour (Xmas Special): 4th Dec 11am-1pm & 7-9pm !!!
Ebuyer Happy Hour (Xmas Special): 4th Dec 11am-1pm & 7-9pm !!!

Ebuyer Happy Hour (Xmas Special): 4th Dec 11am-1pm & 7-9pm !!!

Ebuyer Happy Hour (Xmas Special) !!!

On Monday 4th Dec 2006 between 11AM - 1PM and again between 7PM - 9PM.


Great thanks for the headsup, the last few of these have hardcore sucked though, hope this one is better

You dont say what the deal is?


You dont say what the deal is?

Ebuyer never reveal "Happy Hour" offers before they actually happen and so you have to wait until 11am on the 4th

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Not just ebuyer... none of the sites running similar promo will reveal what they are going to offer

thanks for the headsup. hope they have some monitors on the deal day

I hope they have some 250gb Sata hard drives

Widescreen TFTs please. With DVI!

hope they have some monitors on the deal day

Scan's Today Only deals regularly have monitors on special offer:


Worth a look... :-)

4 Hours to go......


4 Hours to go......

There are two "Happy Hour" slots today..

1) 11am -> 1pm

2) 7pm -> 9pm

So the first one is only just over an hour away. Your probably thought the whole thing started at 1pm, in which case you would have seen nothing :-D

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[SIZE=2]Thanks for headup guys :). Only few mins to go... hope they bring out some good offers:santa: [/SIZE]

Noting terribly impressive... as usual

:-( First [email protected] for one of these i think and as Kris said, not good :-(
Oh well, many more bargains elsewhere

Wow, ebuyer continue their run of offering nothing particularly happy in their 'happy hour'...

yer ebuyers good deals are normally things they don't hype up.

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[COLOR=black]Few good deals ....[/COLOR]

[COLOR=darkred]Sudoku Electronic Touch Screen[/COLOR] - £2.99


[COLOR=darkred]Compact Binoculars: 8x Zoom[/COLOR] - £4.99


else... mmmmhhh


Clicked on five products or possibly more already and they're not priced reduced even though clearly they are on the happy hour page.

This seems to happen over and over again. eBuyer need to get their act together IMHO. Either items are on sale or they're not :(.

All of these items come up as not being priced reduced once the product itself is clicked on (other than one item):

gadgets Product Was Now Save ]Shower CD/Clock/Radio with Fogless Mirror £24.98 £21.00 15% ]Mini Clock with Weather Forecast Feature £8.21 £6.00 26% ]Compact Binoculars: 8x - 16x Zoom £19.99 £10.00 49% ]Compact Binoculars: 9x Zoom £14.98 £4.60 69% ]USB Rocket Launcher £19.99 £16.99 15% ]Sudoku Electronic Touch Screen £4.99 £2.99 40% ]Spotting Scope: 15x - 45x Zoom £39.99 £32.00 19% ]Binoculars: 10x - 30x Zoom £29.99 £15.00 49% ]Compact Binoculars: 8x Zoom £9.99 £4.99 50% ]Magic Ball Message Clock £12.98 £10.00 22%

ebuyer.com/UK/…731 comes up as £4.48 (the only item out of the one's listed that shows as being on sale).

what a let down, how disappointing.

suduko game actually works out @ £4.24 with vat

£6.60 if you add delivery and wait 5 days!

Got one similar in netto other week for just £2.99

Not much worth having at all.

Will tonights ''happy'' hour feature the same deals?

Not bad at a guess. Hard to find a lot else that's worth buying though:


Extra Value Black/White Super-Slim Multimedia Keyboard - USB/PS2 @ £2.99

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suduko game actually works out @ £4.24 with vat

£2.99 inc VAT @ my end. Cheap postage if you can group a few together.

I agree... not so exciting deals :santa:

Not sure whether or not this is a good buy but seems reasonable:


Microsoft Digital Image Suite 2006 Standard Edition @ £19.99

OneTel Magica Twin Dect Cordless Phone with Full Colour screen @ £39.99

Further info:

How about a foot spa??


£7.66 (£9.01 inc. VAT)



How about a foot spa??]http://www.ebuyer.com/UK/product/116903£7.66 … How about a foot spa??]http://www.ebuyer.com/UK/product/116903£7.66 (£9.01 inc. VAT)

Free shipping on this item also :).
Other than that, read the four pages over and over again and cannot find any fantastic bargains :-(.


Free shipping on this item also :).Other than that, read the four pages … Free shipping on this item also :).Other than that, read the four pages over and over again and cannot find any fantastic bargains :-(.

There aren't any.

Nothing special it seems.

I may pick up that £5 binoculars if there any good, onlty reason is because i have to buy a mouse from them and it may not work out to expensive with postage.


Are these any good?


£42.99 for a 125Mbps ADSL Modem/Router with Free USB Adapter seems quite reasonably priced. Noticed that the free bundled USB Adapter isn't 125Mbps though.

[SIZE=4]Overview:- Router[/SIZE]
[LEFT][FONT=Arial]The R-ADSL-C4W-EG is a fully featured ADSL/ADSL2/ADSL2+ Compliant[/FONT][/LEFT]
[LEFT]Modem Router with built-in capabilities for the upcoming 24Mbps ADSL[/LEFT]
[LEFT]standards enabling extremely high data speeds of up to 12 times that of existing[/LEFT]
[LEFT]2Mbps ADSL connections.[/LEFT]
[LEFT][SIZE=4][FONT=Arial]Coupled with a high-performance 125Mbps 802.11g+ Access Point with full[/FONT][/SIZE][/LEFT]
[LEFT]backward compliance with existing 802.11g/b Wireless products, the R-ADSLC4W-[/LEFT]
[LEFT]EG is the perfect partner for both home and office Wireless LAN[/LEFT]
[LEFT]applications with added piece of mind of WiFi compatibility.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]With total prevention of Internet attacks courtesy of our Safe&Secure[FONT=Arial].[/FONT][/LEFT]
[LEFT][FONT=Arial]hardware SPI Firewall and complete support for the latest online games the[/FONT][/LEFT]
[LEFT]R-ADSL-C4W-EG enjoys an easy to use Web-based setup so you can be up[/LEFT]
[LEFT]and running in minutes![/LEFT]
[LEFT]So for todays and tomorrows Broadband applications at home or in the office[/LEFT]
[LEFT]look no further than the new R-ADSL-C4W-EG[/LEFT]
[*] [LEFT][FONT=Arial][SIZE=3]Built-in ADSL2+ 24Mbps UK compliant[/SIZE][/FONT][/LEFT]
[*] [LEFT][FONT=Arial][SIZE=3]Built-in 4 Port 10/100 Auto sensing[/SIZE][/FONT][/LEFT]
[*] [LEFT][FONT=Arial][SIZE=3]Built-in 125Mbps HyperG[/SIZE][/FONT][FONT=Arial][SIZE=3].[/SIZE][/FONT] [FONT=Arial][SIZE=3]802.11g+[/SIZE][/FONT][/LEFT]
[*] [LEFT][FONT=Arial][SIZE=3]Rock Solid built-in Safe&Secure[/SIZE][/FONT][/LEFT]
[*] [LEFT][FONT=Arial][SIZE=3]Extensive Hacker protection with[/SIZE][/FONT][/LEFT]
[*] [LEFT][FONT=Arial][SIZE=3]Full Denial Of Service (DoS) with[/SIZE][/FONT][/LEFT]
[*] [LEFT][FONT=Arial][SIZE=3]Parental control for specific Websites[/SIZE][/FONT][/LEFT]
[*] [LEFT][FONT=Arial][SIZE=3]Easy Setup via Web-based GUI[/SIZE][/FONT][/LEFT]
[*] [LEFT][FONT=Arial][SIZE=3]Stylish design with silent operation[/SIZE][/FONT][/LEFT]
[*] [LEFT][FONT=Arial][SIZE=3]Easy Setup Guide booklet[/SIZE][/FONT][/LEFT]
[/LIST][SIZE=4]Overview:- USB Adapter[/SIZE]
[SIZE=4]Ebuyer WL-XI-700XA 54Mbps Wireless USB 2.0 Adapter The WL-XI-700XA is IEEE 802.11g high data rate standard compatible USB Dongle, With the Dual-Standard capability, this Wireless USB adapter automatically switches to the modulation methods i.e. OFDM, CCK and so on, supported by one of the two standards, IEEE 802.11b or IEEE 802.11g, which the corresponding wireless networking device is using. The WL-XI-700XA offers unbeatable performance of data rates up to 54 Mbps for 802.11 g and 11 Mbps for 802.11b, while maintaining wide range of area coverage. Wireless network security is protected with standard WEP encryption and Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA), and further enhanced with 802.1x authentication security. With drivers and utility available for most commonly used Windows OS including Windows XP, the setup and installation can be easily managed.[/SIZE]

Forgot all about this, seems I didn't miss anything though.
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