Ebuyer Kingston 96GB V+100 SSD BUNDLE £90.69
Ebuyer Kingston 96GB V+100 SSD BUNDLE £90.69

Ebuyer Kingston 96GB V+100 SSD BUNDLE £90.69

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I know its 81.50 at BT shop and 83.00 at ebuyer alone but this is:

a) In stock

b) Comes with all the necessary brackets for desktop PCs

c) Comes with software to clone existing HDD OS etc

d) Comes with required cables

e) Comes with external enclosure for old HDD to be used as external storage if a laptop has only one HDD slot

f) Fool proof way to upgrade as novices don't have to buy cables, brackets etc from different places

Again this is only for people who aren't fully sure in what they need to install a SSD.

- Also £90.22 at amazon but 1-2 month wait.



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Why cold, are you reading my reasons?

I just left mine resting inside my pc as they dont mind being bumped a ittle linke a regular HDD, others I heard use tape?!

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Surely peace of mind for less than £8 is worth it, heck the bracket only is only £6 odd on its own depending where you buy it.

Its not any safer though?! just neater thats the only reason i bracket in SSDs

The caddy is excellent - just a slide off cover to change the drive. The software is boot from CD only - not Windows.

Paid £101 a couple of weeks ago.

I read somewhere that because ssd store data differently from mech drives, you should fresh install rather than clone. Not sure how accurate it was though


Why cold, are you reading my reasons?

cold because your asking why.

they had the drive without the kit for £83 earlier this week, bt had it for £80. the usb caddy is pretty nice for a cheap one. it just depends if the extra bits are worth £10 or not to you. you can get caddies delivered from amazon for about £5 and the 2.5" to 3.5" metal things for about £2.25 delivered - presumably most people would want one or the other, and sata cables are about £1 delivered. i think i got a couple for a few pence over £1 from amazon

i have one of the non + drives and it's a pretty decent quality drive, gave a new lease of life to an old macbook. boots in 30 seconds instead of 2 minutes


thats the link to the drive on its own if someone wants to save a few quid
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