Ebuyer.com Asus X550CC Laptop £449.00 @ eBuyer
Ebuyer.com Asus X550CC Laptop £449.00 @ eBuyer

Ebuyer.com Asus X550CC Laptop £449.00 @ eBuyer

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Asus X550CC Laptop

Intel Core i5-3337U 1.8GHz
15.6" + NVIDIA GT 720M 2GB DDR3
Windows 8

Looking for a good spec machine for work, i5 processor, 8gb and a decent screen, can't see anything cheaper on the market. £100 cheaper than John Lewis, Currys etc


for all you techie out there will this be good for gaming?



for all you techie out there will this be good for gaming?

Scroll to bottom for some games it can run and how good.


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cashback on quidco as well


for all you techie out there will this be good for gaming?

The inclusion of the 720M will be a negative point for almost everyone. It's two generations old (Fermi rather than Kepler or the new Maxwell) and it's only around 20% faster than Intel's integrated 4600 graphics which is not enough to make a difference. Unless you need an nVidia specific feature it's just going to mean your battery doesn't last quite as long and your laptop gets a degree or two warmer.

To answer specifically, it'll run some games but no more then any other laptop. If you're after a machine with a focus on 3d performance than this isn't it.

The 'i5' has problems too. Being both the low power model and last generation it's not all that fast. It is a perfectly good processor and will suit most people fine but for anyone looking for a high performance machine shouldn't be mislead by the 'i5' branding - even an i3-4000M is going to be better.

willm hasn't provided any details on the 'decent screen' but if that's correct then it might still be worth buying as a high quality screen is a rarity at this price.

There are similar laptops at this price so it's not particularly a deal. For example, the Thinkpad E540 for £430
Processor: Intel Core i3-4000M Processor (3MB Cache, 2.40GHz)
Display: 15.6" HD(1366x768) AntiGlare - Black
Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 4600
Memory: 4GB PC3-12800 DDR3L SDRAM 1600MHz SODIMM
Hard Drive: 500GB Hard Disk Drive, 7200rpm
Optical Device: DVD Recordable 8x Max Dual Layer
Battery: 6 cell Li-Ion Battery 48WH

The processor adds some features and lacks some but overall performance is very similar. The memory is less but you can upgrade it to 8GB for almost the same price as this one and while the hard drive it smaller capacity, it's also a faster drive so it should feel more responsive if you don't need the space. Being a business laptop it's likely been designed with an eye to practicality with good quality keyboard and touchpad and that anti-glare screen.


for all you techie out there will this be good for gaming?

Hell NO

There was a deal with same model for £350 at dabs but the different was a better core i7 3rd gen, but 500gb hhd and 4gb ram.

Just pray you don't have problems with Assus, I used to be a fond lover of their products and used them without a second thought on all repairs I done.

However after been mucked around on a brand new purchase for a £1000 laptop I quit buying from them.

Asus are hit and miss and their customer service for repairs sucks Assus.

They took 3 months, lost my laptop twice, sent back the item unrepaired, sent it back again with a gig of ram missing, then sent back the brand new laptop with screen scratches.

I finally gave up the threats and opened a small courts claim.

Something that could have been avoided, I was extremely patient as I had always been passionate about their products.

But after my sister had similar issues on a laptop I recommended, I quit buying from them.

Its a shame as they have beautiful products and are innovative but their lack of customer service makes this hellish
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