Echo Falls White Zinfandel Rose Wine - £2.59 instore @ Tesco

Echo Falls White Zinfandel Rose Wine - £2.59 instore @ Tesco

Found 16th Aug 2012
Tesco - Less Than Half Price Rose Wine - Bargain!



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£2.59 I mean!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



£2.59 I mean!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fixed Thanks for sharing

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Thanks :-)

Not on-line, another Tesco come on?

not in Bishop Auckland Tesco it isnt-just been down after reading this post-still £4.99-took a bottle to the till to check too:(

was this marked up as being on offer at £2.59? or a tesco mis-price at till?

On offer mate. They had them priced up in my local Tesco in Crossharbour but surprise surprise, not a bottle on the shelf

not in the hull store either (:

Tesco are crooks. They have not honoured any of the items ive ordered claiming mis price errors !

What % is this ?

UK duty is £1.80 or so.. so they gonna lose money

As usual every time there's an offer on in tesco my local store has nothing left !!! Grrrrrrr

It's all Tesco express stores cleared from range loads of bargains if you can find them too many to list including Hardys crest Chardonnay at 2.49

What store was this - extra, metro, express?
Might help

They are £4.99 in mine!

Normal price in mine.

This should be expired.
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