Echo Show 8 - £79.99 @ Amazon

Echo Show 8 - £79.99 @ Amazon

Posted 13th May
Price fluctuating again. I paid £60 few weeks ago but went up to £119.
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Good but it's been better!
Much better
Will wait for it to go down to 59.99..which I'm sure it will do soon enough
I got a coiuple at £60 it's worth that but i don't think it's woth 80 or 120

Be patient it will drop again
Hi, good buy at £60 I'd wait,bought 3 of them at this price very happy.
It has so much unused potential. Wish you could use apps on screen.
cactusbrandy13/05/2020 14:14

Good but it's been better!

Yes agree, will probably go down again, it’s a great little device.
Bought 1 on release at £59.99 . And one 4 weeks ago at £59.99 .
Good at that price , but wouldn't be paying more than £70 for it .
Great bit of tech when linked up to other amazon products like my blink system and echos .
The normal price for this device that allows Amazon employees to watch people having nookie is £60 but these are often up for £120 for a period so that Amazon can claim a 50% discount! Or 1/3 off in this case but in reality 1/3 more than the normal selling price of £60!
Can you explain how Amazon employees get to watch people having nookie ?
only1shaks13/05/2020 15:18

Can you explain how Amazon employees get to watch people having nookie ?

Red tube as with most of my mates, not me tho.
Amazon and Google both shoot themselves in the foot with their pricing because they reduce them to the same process so often that we all see the reduced prices as the real price. I certainly wouldn't pay full price now, even a slightly reduced price feels like your posting over the odds. Not voting either way, sorry your feeling the cold.
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