Eckman 3-in-1 Grande Smoker BBQ - Family Size:

Eckman 3-in-1 Grande Smoker BBQ - Family Size:

Found 7th Jul 2010
Large 3.8 sq.ft cooking area for smoking, grilling and roasting food


This impressive heavy duty steel Grande Smoker BBQ from Eckman can be used for grilling, roasting and smoking food and has a large 3.8 sq.ft cooking area - making it ideal for family meals.

Smoking food produces the most amazing tasting and succulent results, and using the Eckman Grande Smoker Barbecue couldn’t be easier; simply light some charcoal briquettes in the side fire box and add some aromatic smoking wood, close the lid and the flavoured smoke will gently drift into the main Barbeque chamber flavouring and cooking your food.

Of course, the Grande Smoker BBQ can be used as a traditional BBQ-grill too, plus by closing the lid you can effectively turn the BBQ into an oven and roast food such as whole chickens or joints of beef and pork.

A tailor-made waterproof cover is on offer for just £4.95 (RRP £14.95).

The Party Size Eckman Grande Smoker BBQ is also available. This includes all of the incredible features of the Party Size model, but has a larger 4.8 sq.ft cooking area.

# 1 x main BBQ chamber
# 1 x side fire box
# Cast iron cooking grates
# 3.8 sq.ft cooking area
# Chrome-plated warming rack
# Thermometer
# Height-adjustable fire grate
# Twin vents and chimney regulate air flow, control temperature and cooking times
# Hinged lids
# Chrome wire handles
# Heat-resistant black powder-coated paint finish
# 8” diameter wheels

# Max. height from ground: 113cm
# Max. Length: 114cm
# Max. Length inc. side shelf: -
# Max. Width: 42cm
# Max. Width inc. shelf: 67cm
# Weight: 33kg


Thats a good deal, shame I just got a new BBQ or I'd get one.

Added heat, but none appeared!

same here - no heat appeared

just bought one from t2direct....


Added heat, but none appeared!


same here - no heat appeared

It doesn't add heat when you do it from the Comments Page; it only adds heat from the Main List of Threads Page. I have reported it, hopefully it will get fixed.

It doesn't have a Multi-Quote function either

Just purchased from t2 also. A good deal. Cheers.
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