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This is apparently reduced from £300 but can be got for about £80 elsewhere. A very good deal.


This impressive heavy duty steel Grande Smoker BBQ from Eckman can be used for grilling, roasting and smoking food and has alarge 3.8 sq.ft cooking area - making it ideal for family meals.

Smoking food produces the most amazing tasting and succulent results, and using the Eckman Grande Smoker Barbecue couldn't be easier; simply light some charcoal briquettes in the side fire box and add some aromatic smoking wood, close the lid and the flavoured smoke will gently drift into the main Barbeque chamber flavouring and cooking your food.

Of course, the Grande Smoker BBQ can be used as atraditionalBBQ-grilltoo,plusby closing the lid you can effectivelyturn the BBQ into an oven androastfood such as whole chickens or joints of beefand pork.

A tailor-made waterproof cover, worth £14.95, is included FREE with every barbecue.


1 x main BBQ chamber
1 x side fire box
Cast iron cooking grates
3.8 sq.ft cooking area
Chrome-plated warming rack
Height-adjustable fire grate
Twin vents and chimney regulate air flow, control temperature and cooking times
Hinged lids
Chrome wire handles
Heat-resistant black powder-coated paint finish
8" diameter wheels


Max. height from ground:113cm
Max. Length:114cm
Max. Width:42cm
Max. Width inc. shelf: 67cm

Q: Is self-assembly required?
A: Yes. Assembly is quite straight forward when you follow the comprehensive instructions included.One person can assemble but a helping hand would be useful when fitting the side fire box

Q: Why are these 3-in-1 BBQs?
A: Because you can use it to cook in 3 different ways:
1 = Traditional BBQ Griller (you can grill-cook in both the main and side chamber)
2 = Combined BBQ Griller & Smoker for faster cooking times: so smoke-wood burning away in the side fire box, food in the main chamber, AND ALSO some charcoal briquettes burning away in the main chamber to give off extra heat. For the food to take on the full smoke flavour it's best to situate the burning briquettes in the main chamber to the side of the food.
3 = As a full slow-cook smoker: so smoke-wood slowly burning away in the side fire box, food in the main chamber (no charcoal briquettes in the main chamber)

Q: Where can I purchase the different flavoured woods?
A: Flavoured woods (including Apple, Maple, Walnut, Oak and Cherry) are readily available from high street stores (such as Homebase), garden and BBQ centres, and via many online retailers

Q: Where do I put the wood chips (or pellets) when smoking food?
A: Put them directly onto hot briquettes or charcoal in the side fire box, or for a slower cooking method wrap them in silver foil with a few holes in and put them onto the briquettes in the side fire box (the foil slows down the burning process). Smoking wood needs to be soaked before use anyway (usually for half an hour) to delay the burning process

Q: Apart from keeping the food tender, are there any other advantages to smoking as opposed to grilling directly on top of the hot charcoal or briquettes?
A: Absolutely. Try coating the food with various herbs, spices and marinades first and you'll find the meat or fish absorbs so much more of the different flavours this way. Generally speaking, most of the flavours of coatings and/or various flavoured wood chips are absorbed into the food within the first two hours of cooking. Smoking food definitely allows you to be far more creative with your cooking so why not really try and impress your visitors?

Q: Is smoking food healthier than direct grilling?
A: Generally yes as most people tend to burn their food when grilling and we believe burnt food can be bad for you

Q: Will it help keep the food moist and tender if I add a bowl of water inside the BBQ when smoking?
A: Yes, and you can add herbs, beer, wine or other alcohol to the water. Their aromas will infuse into the food with the gentle vapour that's produced by the heat . You can even add your wood chips in with the water

Q: I've never used a BBQ with a lid before. Does this make cooking more difficult?
A: No. Both the main BBQ and side fire box lids are hinged and cooking with the lid on
really helps to keep the food moist and succulent. Air flow is regulated using twin air vents

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I bought one of these for £85 just last week doh! Excellent BBQ, at £50 this is a bargain. Hot from me - even if it is ebay.

Class!! and a cover with it too!

The best price for a pretty good BBQ, so HOT (sic) from me .

only the party size left

Sold out! You snooze, you lose.
I was ummming and arrring for too long...

Got one for £49
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