Ecko PU Hooded Jacket £10 Instore @ Original Factory Shop

Ecko PU Hooded Jacket £10 Instore @ Original Factory Shop

Found 15th Jan 2016
First things first....I've added a link for this jacket which shows the price as being £30. I've added the link purely for reference purposes, the £10 price referred to in the heading was the price I paid instore at lunchtime today. By purchasing the item instore I also cleverly avoided having to pay an additional postage and packing charge which is always a good thing. I even avoided paying the 5p carrier bag charge by explaining to the lady at the till that I didn't require one (works every time).

Secondly I'll point out that I'm of an age at which I no longer have the first clue if an item is fashionable and I care even less. I judge an item of clothing based on what it is rather than what others might perceive it to be. I'm aware that Ecko is a chavvy brand but OFS tend to specialise in chavwear so that's to be expected if you choose to shop there.

This item is a reasonably solidly made jacket that comes complete with a hood which is something I often find useful to help keep my hair dry whenever it rains. One of my bugbears with modern mens coats and jackets is that they never have a suitable pocket for safely storing a wallet. The pockets are usually either too small to even fit a biro in or they're set at a fashionably jaunty angle that means that all your belongings fall out as soon as you start walking. This jacket has a decent sized inside pocket that's ideal for keeping wallets well away from pickpockets and/or my children. I would say that the fit is quite snug, or perhaps Christmas took more of a toll than I'd realised, but it's probably a safe bet to request a size larger than you would normally wear would should you send a member of the household staff to purchase one on your behalf.

The ones I found were in the Colwyn Bay store (I know but someone has to go to Colwyn Bay and by going there I've ensured it wasn't you so please be grateful). There must have been about 20 jackets hidden away in plain sight on a rack in the jackets and coats section of the menswear department. There was a range of different sizes available at lunchtime some of which for once were bigger than extra-small or small - Primark take note. I haven't yet had the opportunity to visit any of the other 200+ branches of OFS so I don't know if this is a nationwide price but the lady at the till didn't appear to override the price after scanning the barcode so I assume it is.

The RRP for this item is apparently £79 if you're willing to take the Original Factory Shop's word for it so £10 is (by my reckoning at least) a discount of 87.3% which to me represents a good deal for a jacket like this irrespective of it's inherent chavness. Personally I'd rather be a warm chav with dry hair than a soggy, cold non-chav but if you feel otherwise that's your prerogative as Bobby Brown might say.
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Good for you .. 90% off nearly just too far away for me
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Good review , heat for that alone,:D
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