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BitFenix Prodigy  Mini-ITX Aqua Blue/Green £34.75 Eclipse Computers
Found 16th Nov 2017Found 16th Nov 2017
BitFenix Prodigy Mini-ITX Aqua Blue/Green £34.75 Eclipse Computers
Brand: Bitfenix Model: BFC-PRO-300-GGXKG-RP EAN: 505453356067 Green Blue… Read more
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Superb case for a gaming rig that you perhaps want to be able to pick up and take somewhere. The other one to look out for is the Raijintek Metis Plus.


All it needs to say is case. £35 and you think there is going to be components inside. you're delusional.


The big blue case in the picture not enough? I'm now off to complain to Currys that my new fridge didn't come fully stocked with a selection of the finest beers and cheeses and that it's their fault as they didn't tell me that it wouldn't when I ordered it. How very dare they!!!


I put hi-fi speaker feet on mine to make it shorter and more stable while still allowing the PSU to breathe. Good case. Easy to work inside and can take a massive CPU air cooler and has multiple radiator mounting points if that's more your thing.


They will still accept orders even though they are not in stock, you can even unscrew the handles from the top and underneath the case.. but the PSU needs to exhaust from the bottom so i wouldn't do that. But you could replace them with custom case feet.

MicroSoft LifeCam Cinema USB Webcam With Microphone - OEM £6.04 (10.84 delivered) @ Eclipse Computers
Found 5th Aug 2017Found 5th Aug 2017
MicroSoft LifeCam Cinema USB Webcam With Microphone - OEM £6.04 (10.84 delivered) @ Eclipse Computers
MicroSoft LifeCam Cinema USB Webcam With Microphone - OEM £6.04 (£10.84 delivered) @ Eclipse Computers HD Video On The Go This full-featured webcam delivers smooth, detailed … Read more

They refunded my order with no email.


As above, cancelled :(


Mine cancelled as well


order cancelled for me too. The apology is in the paypal cancellation notes


As above, my company PayPal was refunded. Not seen an apology email. We will also avoid them.

USB Battery Charger with 2xAA 1400mAh & 2x600mAh AAA £2.49 @ Eclipse computers
Found 27th Jan 2017Found 27th Jan 2017
USB Battery Charger with 2xAA 1400mAh & 2x600mAh AAA £2.49 @ Eclipse computers
If you are looking for a cheap battery charger then this might just be what you want. I can just plug this into my PC at work! I particularly like the fact that it will charge even… Read more
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They are a bit low on capacity. I use 2750mAh and 950mAh respectively. But they are super value. Shame about the delivery cost. I would have bought a few.


So not much of a deal for anyone who isn't local...


Cheapest delivery is almost £10 but luckily I live nearby so ordered 2.


Need to add delivery cost

Func MS-3 R2 Gaming Mouse for £9.99, zalman case fans 99p, zalman notebook coolers £2.49 @ eclipse computers
Found 5th Oct 2016Found 5th Oct 2016
Func MS-3 R2 Gaming Mouse for £9.99, zalman case fans 99p, zalman notebook coolers £2.49 @ eclipse computers
seems like a good gaming mouse for the price. used to retail @ £40+. To make the most of the postage cost (£3) check their clearance section for cheap extras.. they have zalman… Read more

do you need to do anything to get a £3 delivery? ordering from London and getting... Delivery DPD Euro Express £30.00 Inc Vat as the only option available?!


i dont know why i got the used ones i have emailed them let see what happens


I received a new one, retail box all packaged up. Very nice mouse, especially for the cost. They also put a little bag of haribos in the package!


​I bought 3 laptop coolers for the kids laptops too. Postage cost very reasonable when you see the huge box that got delivered.


are these used or new? i have received used mouse

Thermaltake Core P5 Mid Tower ATX Case - Acrylic Side £107.94 from Eclipse Computers
Found 16th Sep 2016Found 16th Sep 2016
Thermaltake Core P5 Mid Tower ATX Case - Acrylic Side £107.94 from Eclipse Computers
Not a basic case, very much for the enthusiast. Lowest price though.
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I would love a set up like this, but you have me worried now. Would it still be noisy with a liquid cooling setup? I appreciate there are still fans involved, but I would expect to be able to run them at a lower speed and therefore have it quieter.


You're way off on that one. Even as a customer you have to specifically give consent (the relevant law is the Data Protection Act 1988). That's why on a lot of order pages (well, those that are legally compliant), you have tick boxes for marketing emails which you can opt in or opt out of during the ordering process. That's a correct summary of the law. Make a complaint about them to the ICO if you're still unhappy. They have enforcement powers.


Hardly seems worth it, but you did it anyway? Your concept of what seems worthwhile is messed up since you claim not to have bothered even trying to phone them to resolve the issue, in fact your response was to go out of your way to cause harm to their business. I simply pointed out that you have no way of knowing if they got your emails. Why would I apologise for a business I'm not involved in? You've made no attempt to get to the facts of the matter, how should I know what's going on? This behavior could be considered harassment: It's also questionable if you are presenting yourself as this business when interacting with other sites.


Good on you for taking them to the small claims court. Some of these companies think they can screw over their customers with indemnity.


Well, I imagine you must feel very proud of yourself for thinking up that little zinger. Sick burn or what, yeah? Anyway, it hardly seems worth engaging with you since you're clearly just a sycophantic apologist (the way that you accepted no wrong-doing on their part and had to resort to insults and untruths in your replies gives you away), but I actually meant the last point that you made. Can you show me which law you think I've violated?

Sennheiser PC363D 7.1 | £133.14 delivered @ Eclipse Computers
Found 9th May 2016Found 9th May 2016
Sennheiser PC363D 7.1 | £133.14 delivered @ Eclipse Computers
I love this headset and at this price, amazing!

They are open headphones :p


I'm sure I paid 70 quid for these in Amazon sale last year. Good headphones although quite a bit of sound leak


This is a very very good headset.


Good price for a decent headset Full link

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Asus MAXIMUS VI GENE intel Z87 mATX Motherboard - £88.89 Delivered @ EclipseComputers
Found 22nd Jan 2016Found 22nd Jan 2016
Asus MAXIMUS VI GENE intel Z87 mATX Motherboard - £88.89 Delivered @ EclipseComputers
Decent Motherboard if your looking for Z87 Platform. One of the best LGA1150 motherboards. RRP other sites costing arounf £120+ Best Z87 gaming mATX loaded with 115dB SNR audio a… Read more
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guys i think i might have moved/bent one of the cpu pins...fudge


Out of stock now.


Don't know why this is cold, it's a good price.


Depends what you're going to be using it for. Maybe an i5 4690k for gaming.

Func KB-460 MX-Red switches - £34 @ Eclipse Computers (£36.95 deliivered)
Found 31st Dec 2015Found 31st Dec 2015
Func KB-460 MX-Red switches - £34 @ Eclipse Computers (£36.95 deliivered)
For those who ordered and haven't recieved it read this statement from Eclipse Computers: "Apologies for the delayed reply, we have been closed for business over the New Year. Un… Read more
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Well I am seriously miffed, ordered on the 31st december, heard nothing by the 11th of january, finally chased them up and got told they had oversold. Well it seems that they processed Paypal orders, but I paid by credit card, have they processed Paypal orders taken after my order? Will not use them again, that website is a disaster.


Check your order if it hasn't arrived. They claim they had a lot of orders and not enough stock because of the holiday period.


I think their website needs work. As far as I can tell, their order system (if you pay via card) just gives them your details which they can charge when someone manually processes the order. They also don't seem to have any despatch or order processing email system in place. To be fair, when I did email them they respond fairly quickly and managed to find me a keyboard (which I'm very happy with) but would be slightly wary of using them again. At the very least, I'll be using PayPal!


please take your time to review the company at buyers who haven't heard of eclipse computers need to be made aware of this shambles


Reading the posts it seems like you have more chance of getting this if you paid using PayPal, disgraceful service definitely one to avoid.

Func mouse mat £9.54 @ Eclipse Computers
Found 7th Dec 2015Found 7th Dec 2015
Func mouse mat £9.54 @ Eclipse Computers
func xl mouse mat at under a tenner bargain got the keyboard as well

Got mine for a Eclipse. They cant get rid of them...

Mechanical Keyboard (red switches) £42.90 @ Eclipse
Found 4th Dec 2015Found 4th Dec 2015
Mechanical Keyboard (red switches) £42.90 @ Eclipse
been on the look out for a cheap mechanical keyboard to see what all the fuss is about. Was after brown switches as its mainly for typing but at this price might be able to live wi… Read more
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No notification of cancelled order, not charged but even so would've been nice to be told the order wasn't going to be fulfilled. Joke of a company, avoid.


Ordered mine 12 days ago. Just called them now and they said they're out of stock and I've been incorrectly charged. Getting my money back in a week. Bit annoying, really.


Well it's been over a week since I ordered my one of these and still no word on when/if it's going to be delivered. On top of that I was charged an extra 10% after the first payment for some reason. I've also noticed since I purchased mine (still said over 150 in stock) they've ran out, hard to believe they'd sell over 150 in a week.


It was just the standard £2.95 delivery option.


​Which delivery option did you select? Thanks

XFX 2Gb AMD R9 270 Boost PCI-e 3.0 VGA Card £101.94 @ eclipsecomputers
Found 22nd Jun 2015Found 22nd Jun 2015
XFX 2Gb AMD R9 270 Boost PCI-e 3.0 VGA Card £101.94 @ eclipsecomputers
I've been looking for an AMD R9 270 card, and this is the cheapest option that I've found by a margin in the last couple of days of looking... Specs: Item Code : GCX-XR927A2 Item … Read more
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I know this is an old thread but I just (20 minutes ago) picked up an Asus R9 270 for £42 in my local Currys (£80 off). I can't find it on their website. They also had the 260 for about £25 if I remember rightly. I wanted a better card than the 270 but I can't resist a bargain. I'd post it but I don't know if its national or not (and people hate local only deals, plus I might have got the last one)


​..and who can say they haven't been overclocked to within an inch of their lives?! ;)


​They say 2 months old but can you verify that?


B grade with 90 day warranty...umm


..Remember all GCN GPU's are fully DirectX compatible and as such will take advantage of new DX12 /Windows 10 features.

Asus Rog Sica £27.48 @ Eclipse Computers
Found 13th Jun 2015Found 13th Jun 2015
Asus Rog Sica £27.48 @ Eclipse Computers
The new Gaming Mouse from Asus. Original price £23.94 without delivery and £27.48 with delivery. Normally between £35 and £40

Looks kinda nice too not sure why cold


Cheapest possible and cold mmmmmmmmmmk xD


Like the idea of being able to undo it easily if want to replace switches, but I'd miss the shoulder buttons.


Thanks for posting. I’ve added the price and merchant to the title. Here’s a ‘Help’ link which gives tips and advice on thread posting.

Sumvision Cyclone Mini HTPC/Desktop PC,32GB,2GB RAM,Windows 8.1 £107.94 delivered @ eclipse computers
Found 8th May 2015Found 8th May 2015
Sumvision Cyclone Mini HTPC/Desktop PC,32GB,2GB RAM,Windows 8.1 £107.94 delivered @ eclipse computers
New in from Sumvision, these compact computers are ideal for home media centres or super compact office systems, and even include Windows 8.1 for a smooth, friendly multimedia expe… Read more

buy from amazon or ebay , best place for sure!


Reviews............Before you buy anything on here ...Always Research the product and Company selling it It's Your Money... Your Choice


If Eclipse are so bad, why can people still post their deals? Do retailers who've magically met the HUKD mysterious minimum standards ever get taken off the whitelist? Is the blacklisting process similarly secret? Anyone know? Or should I say, is anyone allowed to tell?


Ecipse computers....nice. Good luck getting A) your product or B) a refund when it doesn't turn up... There are bad retailers and then there is Eclipse...

Asus 4Gb AMD Radeon R9 290X DirectCUII PCI-e 3.0 VGA Card £215.94 - Eclipse Computers
Found 30th Apr 2015Found 30th Apr 2015
Asus 4Gb AMD Radeon R9 290X DirectCUII PCI-e 3.0 VGA Card £215.94 - Eclipse Computers
We've seen a few 290X deals recently with Overclockers and Scan being posted on here, i ordered the card via Overclockers as soon as i saw the post on this site. But now another si… Read more
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Comment Yep avoid avoid really terrible reviews pay the few quid extra to get your kit on time


Now £227.94, expired.. still the cheapest though!


Used these guys earlier this year for Asus Maximus VII Ranger + Front base panel deal and item arrived quickly and well package. That deal is on HUK, I shared purchase experience in that thread but forgot to do google/trust pilot review.


Great price, but not sure I'd want to go with this seller myself - And "usually in stock" isn't very helpful.


Hmmm - eclipse where massive at the gadget show this year and also I ordered 2 monitors from aria and they statement showed in the box as eclipse so they must be linked somehow ! Just use a credit card if you don't trust but all I know about them first hand is what I have stated!

ASUS ROG Matrix Radeon R9 290X @ Eclipse - £239.94
Found 24th Apr 2015Found 24th Apr 2015
ASUS ROG Matrix Radeon R9 290X @ Eclipse - £239.94
The 200-series clearout continues, this time with the ASUS R9 290X ROG Edition. Think the regular ASUS card was posted recently, but for just a little more you can have the ultimat… Read more

Has anyone ordered this? Cause I've ordered a couple days ago and haven't heard anything from them yet....


went for the msi gaming version just now on for £235 delivered from amazon uk- if too hot or better priced gtx 970 turns up - easy return process. win


They ain't gunna drop too much, maybe by £40 or so, even then allot of places will no longer sell them at all. It's more of a case of just take the punt, or you wait and wait and wait all the time.


I need a proper AM3+ motherboard that can do crossfire along with a decent o/c on the cpu (nothing crazy just around 4.3-4.5ghz on an fx8350). Mine currently can only do pci express x16, x4 for crossfire. edit: for a price that is decent, I don't want to waste a ton of money on a dead socket...


People are assuming that the 290 cards will drop significantly in price I think.

Asus Maximus VII Ranger + ROG front base control panel @ Eclipse Computers £133.49
Found 4th Feb 2015Found 4th Feb 2015
Asus Maximus VII Ranger + ROG front base control panel @ Eclipse Computers £133.49
The Ranger is about £130 currently and using discount sites perhaps around £115 mark but I thought this looked like a great deal as you get the ROG front base control panel include… Read more

I agree customer service/support is as important or more important than price/item. Some of the reviews on google (39) are duplicates of the trustpilot ones (37) but a company can't survive from the income of just 76 customers and bad news travels quicker than good? I will be posting my experience on google/trustpilot once new rig built as I feel on price and delivery of item they delivered and if I require support will defo update on what is outcome.


it a good deal don't get me wrong.but if i would buy i rather buy separately from amazon.yes i would pay in excess of 180 but i have guarantee that it will be pease of cake to deal with returns if needed later


When I posted deal/bought it was £133.49, when deal started or finished was not on site. When badzed highlight price change I clicked expired in opening post. It represented 20-26% saving, calculated from cheapest prices for both items via flubit and current web price I could find. I agree rep not good of company but so far has worked out for me. There are also big e-tailers which people do and don't like using ultimately the buyer decides if they wish to buy or not. I just shared a deal that is all, perhaps you can find a better deal to share? All the best G


in that case its only £15 saving on


Showing as £149.94 inc.VAT now.

5820K Bundle £662.89 delivered @ Eclipse Computers
Found 20th Jan 2015Found 20th Jan 2015
5820K Bundle £662.89 delivered @ Eclipse Computers
i know its not for everyone but, i hope it help some. i have just ordered; Intel i7 5820K Unlocked Haswell 6 Core Processor Asus X99-S Motherboard Crucial 16Gb DDR4 2133MHz (4x4Gb… Read more

Great deal. .. heat added. However cooler is a bit on the poor side. Corsair H80i or Nochta would have been better.


Some more like this would be good Just ordered thx


this is an awsome deal, id get a different cooler though, corsair h100+ are great for oc. I wish didnt build my pc jst b4 xmass... HEAT+++


I ordered it yesterday. It arrived today at 9.30am today. Spent this afternoon putting it together. Everything working well so far....


Should be ok but Eclipse still have a bad name for dealing with problems and issues. In their eyes the customer is never right.

Intel DN2820FYKH0 NUC (Next Unit of Computing) Barebone £96.60 then (shipping option £2.95 ? ) @ Eclipse Computers
Found 3rd Jan 2015Found 3rd Jan 2015
Intel DN2820FYKH0 NUC (Next Unit of Computing) Barebone £96.60 then (shipping option £2.95 ? ) @ Eclipse Computers
Previously hot at over £100. Item Code : PCI-DN2820FYKH I… Read more

Just a shame it comes from Eclipse computers. Just read reviews. Dealt with them twice and I live a mile from them. Never never again.


Thanks again :)


On my Windows partition with Firefox via the normal YouTube website. It handles 1080p videos in pretty much any format.


Is that in Windows through a browser?


I don't know about the NUC but the Brix plays 1080p YouTube videos like it's nothing. No issues at all. It looks like a larger version of the Intel Compute Stick in that you can't change any of the parts, but of course that's not a problem if the spec matches up with what you need. Personally I wouldm't be happy with the 2GB RAM and 32GB storage, but if all you're going to do is some lite browsing, media streaming and maybe use Office every now and then then you'll be happy.

Asus 4Gb GeForce GTX 970 Strix-OC - Eclipse Computers - 275.94
Found 11th Dec 2014Found 11th Dec 2014
Asus 4Gb GeForce GTX 970 Strix-OC - Eclipse Computers - 275.94
I was going through old deals looking for a good reference point for a 'cheap' Asus Strix 970 when I came across an expired deal with Eclipse. On further inspection it seems that t… Read more

Yes they do. This is spec for the reference card which all others are based on:


Do all 970s use GDDR5 video memory? I couldn't see it specified anywhere. Thanks.


Price gone up.


yeah, I'm stuck on choice between this or or MSI frozr...


still cant believe how monstrous these 970's are for the money. hoping they do a 980ti with 6 or 8gb and then ill upgrade

Asus 4Gb GeForce GTX 970 Strix-OC - Eclipse Computers - 275.94
Found 18th Oct 2014Found 18th Oct 2014
Asus 4Gb GeForce GTX 970 Strix-OC - Eclipse Computers - 275.94
The cheapest I've ever seen on this card. I'm waiting for this to get to a better price before upgrading as this is the one I really want but this is tempting. ABOUT DELIVERY: Del… Read more
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At the time there were 290Xs for around £225 and though they have gone back up a bit now they are still maybe £10 cheaper; and at stock the 290X is about 10% faster [on average]. I don't overclock because I game at 1080p and there isn't much point and I may go for an AIO GPU water setup before too long. I'm still not convinced I made the best decision, but I suppose that either card would have been a fairly solid choice. Firstly I believe that all of the DX12 effects are also supported by the equally new DX11.3. DX12 does the same stuff but improves efficiency by reducing hardware abstraction. So it is probably most accurate to say DX12/11.3 effects. Unfortunately this still doesn't mean that they are properly supported on older DX11.0, 11.1 or 11.2 hardware like the 290X. Also I gather that with the extreme flexibility of modern GPU hardware it is a bit more complicated than the old days when the latest GPU would come with a whole bunch of fixed function units e.g. pixel shaders that could perform tasks that simply weren't possible in the previous generation. I think that most of the graphical effects associated with DX12/11.3 engines can be performed on DX11-11.2 hardware, its just that some hardware tweaks will have to be emulated which will reduce performance. Anyway in answer to your question, I believe that the main additions are: Typed UAV Load (Improved efficiency, reduces memory access) Volume Tiled Resources (Improved efficiency, like megatexture but volumetric) Conservative Rasterization (Allows more accurate drawing and improved collision detection) Order Independent Transparency (Improved lighting and blending) Rasterizer Ordered Views (Improved efficiency and accuracy, changes the order in which the different layers of the scene are rendered)


so how dose this compare to the Zotack version ??? i wish someone would do a proper comparison so we would know which one is better Zotack Palit strix etc


buy a fan controller


Expired, it's £295.14 inc.VAT now.


Thank you. I ended up getting two 970 gigabyte g1s