Eco - Energy Saving Floodlight £1 @ B&Q - down from £30!
Eco - Energy Saving Floodlight £1 @ B&Q - down from £30!

Eco - Energy Saving Floodlight £1 @ B&Q - down from £30!

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Eco - Energy saving PIR Floodlight.
This floodlight has an energy saving 9w PL-S bulb which can be on 'dusk til dawn' or movement sensor triggered withe the 100w halogen bulb. There are 2 seperate modes of operation and timing can be set independant for both bulbs.
As far as i (and the guy @ B&Q) can see, these have been replaced with the 'Evolution' floodlight - which has an 80w halogen (not 100w)
Please be kind, it's my first post.



think this is it but out of stock now

is this instore only?

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That's not the correct link! this is not a bulb - it's a complete 2 bulb floodlight - now the evolution - sorry i'll try to add a link - just search on diy.com and look for 'eco floodlight' - the newer verion is called the evolution, which has replaced the ECO - i think the same but now with an 80w halogen (instead of 100w)
I'll try to add a link!

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Hi - think this is the link


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It is instore only - i can't find it on their website - been replaced with 'evolution' floodlight

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the link is :

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Octobergirl - that's not the correct link - this is a complete floodlight with a 9w fluorescent bulb and a 100w floodlight. - i have posted the link - waiting for moderator approval.
The bulbs included are probably worth around a fiver!

Says £30.58, not such a bargain.

anyone able to send me the link please

30 quid

i've had these a few times, had 1 from b&q went faulty. got another from tesco, same.
got one from homebase, and this one still seems going strong.
there made by micromark.
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