Eco Punk - for Ipod Touch/Iphone Free for a day @ Itunes
Eco Punk - for Ipod Touch/Iphone Free for a day @ Itunes

Eco Punk - for Ipod Touch/Iphone Free for a day @ Itunes

Take the role of the eco-friendly blood-thirsty skateboarding punk bunny. Defend your neighborhood from pollution by cleaning up the streets and blowing up polluting vehicles in a raging killing spree... what what? BLOWING UP VEHICLES TO SAVE THE ENVIROMENT?!
Let this raging environmentalist blow you away with some REALLY AWESOME AVOIDANCE & SHOOTING ACTION.

-- Features --
Highly original and addictive, pick-up-and-play action
Intuitive and innovative touchpad controls, specially designed for the iPhone!
3 different & addictive gameplay modes
Adjust control speed sensitivity
Stunning stylish pre-baked isometric 3d art!
One level that starts easy and becomes very hard a-la doodle jump , lets see for how long can you survive!
Rude and insulting voice talent, designed to make you ROFL.
Original Hardcore rock soundtrack or Listen to your own music in game!
7 types of enemy vehicles!
4 types of power ups!
Hippie motorcycle boss!
Eco Punk is Open Feint enabled with high scores and achievements
Tons of garbage to collect;)
Now lets clean up these streets!


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Looks good, cheers mif

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Looks like it's a bloody long day in Itunes land.:?
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