Eco Solutions Auto Escape Tool £5 at TK Maxx In-Store

Eco Solutions Auto Escape Tool £5 at TK Maxx In-Store

Found 20th Sep 2010
In the Ilford store.

Very useful if you plan to drive your car into a river or something :-)
$27.37 on

* 4-in-1 auto emergency tool could help you make a life-saving escape from a collision or a submerged vehicle
* Solar-powered torch-with 3 ultra-bright white LED bulbs and constant `On¿ and flashing modes-lights the way and alerts others
* Spring loaded metal tip shatters door window glassnne; Retractable pin punctures air bag; Channeled safety blade slashes seat belts.
* Self-stick dashboard bracket (for easy access and recharging)
* 15 hours of solar charging generates up to one hour of light in the constant "On" mode


I dont know if this is a good idea with all the crooks out there.

It is surely only a deal if something is fit for purpose, including amusing fun items. These are totally pointless (and I have bought something similar in the past). Where are you going to keep this so that when you are upside down trapped by your seatbelt it is still within reach where you left it? Actually, I suppose it works as a torch but not in the emergency situations suggested.
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