Unfortunately, this deal has expired 19 March 2023.
Posted 11 March 2023

Ecovacs DEEBOT N8 Robot Vacuum Cleaner £219 / £194 with new user signup @ Ecovacs

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Great value for a LIDAR based robot vacuum with full mapping. Got it for my parents for Christmas, mum absolutely loves it.

Just click on the new user sign up to get the £25 off. Just use a new email if you have already bought from them before.

Deal runs from 11th to 19th March.

Lots of other models are reduced but none are anywhere near as good value as this one.

*UPDATE* It seems Ecovacs are limiting the £25 credit to models excluding the N8 and T9. These are both now available from Amazon for the same price.

Info added by @Sashecuador

18252345171678584342.jpgPowerful vacuuming and removal of dust even on carpets
Thanks to the innovative material and design of the suction channel, the revolutionary pressure maintaining system optimises the robot's efficiency and provides high suction while the DEEBOT N8 remains strikingly quiet during operation.
It has been possible to increase the suction to up to 2,300 Pa and the cleaning performance by 53 per cent*.
16568556831678584359.jpgVacuum and mop in one go
With the OZMO™ mopping system, the DEEBOT N8 can simultaneously vacuum and mop. The innovative technology allows you to set four moisture levels for different needs and floor types, such as laminate, wooden floors or tiles – conveniently via the app.

The water tank is large enough for extensive areas so that you do not have to interrupt the cleaning process to keep on refilling it with water. Thanks to its carpet detection function, the N8 immediately identifies carpets and reacts accordingly by increasing the suction and avoiding this area when mopping.
15343577391678584375.jpgAutomatic charging function
Continuous cleaning
Even long cleaning paths are no problem for the N8. If the battery is low, the robotic vacuum cleaner automatically returns to its docking station.

As soon as it is fully charged, it continues cleaning the floor where it left off. The DEEBOT thus guarantees seamless and thorough cleaning.
2225896161678584471.jpgApp control
You can use the app to conveniently control your robot from any situation and schedule a cleaning time or check the current cleaning status.
Up to two maps can be simultaneously stored and individually adapted – with functions such as Virtual Boundary™, for example, which limits the robotic vacuum cleaner's operating area – or certain areas for individual cleaning tasks can be set.
5446158371678584488.jpgdToF laser sensors
The dToF (direct time of flight) laser scanning is a detection technology used in the aerospace industry.
It allows the DEEBOT N8 to scan and map its surroundings even more quickly and precisely and plan an efficient cleaning path.

Larger houses in particular benefit from this improved performance and the detailed mapping for cleaning the home.
6395378941678584519.jpgTrueMapping technology
As a technological pioneer, ECOVACS launched the laser-based mapping and navigation technology known as TrueMapping as an industry first in the area of household robots. In a matter of seconds, the DEEBOT N8 uses the technology to create a map of its surroundings and move safely around your home.
This reliable navigation concept enables efficient and thorough cleaning of your floors.
15137518031678584533.jpgMapping of several levels
The robot scans several maps and stores up to two. It adapts its cleaning process accordingly, as soon as it detects which map it is on.
Of course you can also simply set the rooms you wish the DEEBOT to clean on each floor.
11679098741678584557.jpgVirtual Boundary™
Create oases of calm while your DEEBOT takes care of cleaning your floors by drawing virtual boundaries that the robotic vacuum cleaner takes into account.
The Virtual Boundary™ function allows you to use the ECOVACS Home app to set the areas your robot should avoid.
More details at ecovacs
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  1. pawian's avatar
    I was trying to decide between this and T9 and accidentally discovered that you can buy T9 on Amazon for £279. Seems like a great deal?
    edengarden's avatar
    Have a link?
  2. Dylan1357's avatar
    I used LUCKY30 and got a £30 discount. Went for the T9…
    Dylan1357's avatar
    At this price I don’t think there’s much better if at all. The Eufy LR30 has great reviews but didn’t clean as well as the T9 does for me. It flicked bits on the floor too often rather than pick them up.
  3. breeny's avatar
    Has anyone been able to redeem the 2500 points/£25 on the site? Despite being logged in, the site tells me that I'm not logged in, therefore can't use the points.

    Might as well just buy it from amazon if I cant use the points.
    RichIbizaSport's avatar
    Worth mentioning someone else used the code LUCKY30 , so it takes it down to the same price level
  4. rowly73's avatar
    I bought the N8 in September and it's been amazing. It's very good at cleaning all types of surfaces. Where it lets itself down is getting close to kitchen kick boards where the colour is dark as the radar struggles to adjust. I tried to save energy by turning it off when. Not in use but that caused issues with its location(GPS) software so I stopped doing that. Well worth the price IMO
    A57ton's avatar
    The fix is to draw a no-go line next to the skirting board. I’ve had to do it in the bedroom with all the full length mirrors.
  5. KitKatFox's avatar
    I have the T10 AIVI which I bought after returning the X1 Omni. The Omni had two major issues, size of the base station and poor object detection - I just didn’t think it was worth the £880 I paid last year. The T10 AIVI was just under £500 but to be honest I don’t think it’s worth the money either. In my opinion the fancier features on the more expensive models just aren’t worth it - LIDAR being the exception. For me the sub£400 Deebots are the sweet spot. just spend the extra on a more powerful manual vacuum for deeper cleans and a better hard floor cleaner that doesn’t leave marks everywhere. (edited)
  6. Kevcarr's avatar
    We have this. It's great. Good price
  7. vaderag's avatar
    That's tempting... I've been eyeing up the Omni but not really sure I have space for the base...
    How does the actual machine compare? (edited)
    RichIbizaSport's avatar
    I think the performance is going to be fairly similar between all the models but the N8 doesn't have small object detection stuff - which uses a camera in combination with LIDAR.

    There is the T9 for £304 which has object detection and a bigger battery.

    The Omni is substantially more expensive, what you're paying for is the docking station really.

    If you're leaving socks and cables around the house you might want to opt for at least the T9. If you want the dock on top maybe look at the X1 Turbo at £674 (edited)
  8. A57ton's avatar
    A steal at this price!
  9. picorosco's avatar
    I've only owned one robot vacuum cleaner. The N8+. This is a great deal. I only went for the + version, because I'm lazy. I've had it since August. It's a fantastic time saver. (edited)
    P-A1XAKS's avatar
    Anyway of reusing the dust bags? Feel like it's stepping back in time using them, bad for our wallets to keep buying them, bad for environment, it only benefits the companies
  10. ojarss's avatar
    Done, can’t wait!
  11. Rou's avatar
    I’ve owned other Robo vacuums and I can categorically say this one is hands down the best I’ve had
  12. EdUnit's avatar
    I have hard floors throughout.. I use a Brush, Vacuum and Mop. I need the excuse to stand up, move around and not be brainwashed by TV
  13. betabelf's avatar
    Does this come with mop?
  14. borozu's avatar
    Good price for a LIDAR + virtual walls + mop vacuum.

    Lidar is completely different level. Recently I changed from non-lidar and was best change ever.
  15. b-gold's avatar
    We’ve had this for about a year, excellent machine and gets daily use (timed to run in the morning before we wake up - noise doesn’t wake us and the bit doesn’t set house alarm off)
    Only thing close to a complaint is it’s prone to losing its mop section sometimes find it left in various places, guess it’s getting snagged when it spins maybe
  16. RichIbizaSport's avatar
    You don't get the extra £25 discount though
  17. nick107's avatar
    Had this for about a year as well now, really good at carpets and hard floors, mop is okay but I don't use it much as it is not as good as a real mop
  18. DingoDirk's avatar
    Are there any in the range the can avoid puppy poo?
    RichIbizaSport's avatar
    The T9 at a minimum as it has object detection but I'm not sure I would trust any robot vacuum against poop
  19. rpdmallett's avatar
    Great robot. Had for around a year and with dogs and young kids in the house it’s really good at cleaning up their hair and dirt from the garden. The mapping is brilliant but sometimes goes a bit weird - but that’s mostly our fault for moving furniture around!

    Highly recommended at this price. (edited)
's avatar