Ecover All In One Dishwasher 25 Tablets £4 @ Amazon - Add on item

Ecover All In One Dishwasher 25 Tablets £4 @ Amazon - Add on item

Found 26th Jan 2018
It's an add on item at £4, which seems to be as low as they ever go on Amazon, but also available as subscribe and save at £3.4 for 5 subscriptions, which is 14p each.

You can probably get other tablets on offer cheaper than that, but the main reason I posted this is that as well as being plant based and Eco/family friendly, they actually work really well in my experience and are the best tablets I've tried.

I used to use the green or lemon Fairy ones, which are pretty good, but these seem to work better for me. Once a week I leave one in the tea pot in hot water overnight and by the morning it's back to shiny clean metal and looks brand new.
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Just read this review on Amazon and will be certainly be giving halving them a go:-

Been using these for years to help delay doomsday!
Really work well and here's a tip, cut them in half, it really works.
Half a tablet works just as well as a whole one.

If it works, that'd be 50 loads and a clear conscience for £3.40 (7p a go!) and the 4 boxes I've got coming will last for around 2 years. I'm kicking myself my not thinking of that myself now!
Hot from me thank you
Still available
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