Ecover Dishwasher Tablets XL Pack of 70 £6.38 at Tesco in store (was £12.77)

Ecover Dishwasher Tablets XL Pack of 70 £6.38 at Tesco in store (was £12.77)

Found 2nd Mar 2011
XL Pack of 70 Ecover Dishwasher Tablets half price in Bradley Stoke (North Bristol) branch. Now just £6.38 for 70 tablets (just over 9p per tablet)

In my experience they only stock the jumbo boxes in big branches.

They also had the small boxes of 25 tablets on offer. £4.70 per box, or 2 boxes for £6.00 (which works out at 12p per tablet).


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If someone can tell me where you can get Ecover Dishwasher tablets cheaper I'm very interested. I'm presuming that lots of people know of other places given how many cold votes this has. It is more expensive than chemical-filled brands are when they are on special offer, but for those of us who prefer brands like Ecover I thought this was a bargain.

dont know anything about dishwashers as the only dishwasher i have is of the human kind (and he's got a great bum)...but,maybe people are voting cold because the tablets are a tad on the expensive side regardless of being half price or not one of these people thats out to save the world or owt,but even if i was i would still buy the cheaper ones,and do my bit by recycling the empty box

Not tried Ecover dishwasher tablets (like their washing liquid and soap powder though) - definitely worth a try at 9p/tablet. Voted Hot!

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(and he's got a great bum)

LOL Love this comment.

love the washing up liquid,,,will try the these,,,thanks for postin,,heat added.
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