Ed Hardy Unisex Scarves £14.99 delivered at Ebay Deal of the Day. RRP £90

Ed Hardy Unisex Scarves £14.99 delivered at Ebay Deal of the Day. RRP £90

Found 15th Dec 2010
Ebay deal of the day, Ed Hardy Unisex Scarves £14.99 delivered.
Different designs.

RRP is £90 but debatable...but still not a bad offer.
Skull Rose design print.Ed hardy signature print in gold foil in vintage look on each end of scarf. Ed Hardy signature also printed in middle of scarf in contrasting colour.


Why cold??

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Why cold??

my thoughts exactly. If you gonna leave cold, please tell me why as there is no point posting otherwise. thank you.:D

I voted hot, great price.

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I voted hot, great price.

Thank you. I know these wont appeal to everyone, but I thought the idea of HUKD was to vote on the 'deal' and not if you like the product or not. Merry Christmas

Gotta laugh at adults wearing EH. They look like little boys clothes.

Not voting either way, but with Ed Hardy candles at PoundLand, and the continual plugging of them on flebay, they are becoming a bit of a no-no. Becoming the next Cath Kidston, by cashing in and spreading themselves too thinly, and becoming as designer as Tescos.

Just my humble opinion of course.


I know these wont appeal to everyone

Gotta hand it to ya, you're certainly right there.

very very very very chav I am afraid.

Alright if you're a chav I suppose - not voted btw.

Hot from me. I don't know of a brand which isn't considered "chav" now by somebody! Besides, I don't wear clothes based on who else decides to wear it - if I like it and consider that it suits me and my sense of style and taste, then I'll wear it.

Plenty of people wear expensive, "non-chav" brands which look ridiculous either because they are inherently badly designed or just don't suit them, but defensively say "but it's a *insert brand here*" as though that makes it okay.

Just wear what you like, if it suits you. Forget the brand, look at the product.
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Deal still out there. I ordered a scarf and it arrived next day. Was a little let down by it - quite cheap looking. Just a strip of cotton fabric (not very good quality) which has the EH print on it. Not sure what it will look like after a few washes.

Cant be bothered to return - as for £15 still a stocking filla for the misses.

Bought one, these are not real. Glad i paid on my credit card.

I can't believe ebay has had these on deal of the day.
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