Eddie Izzard Live 7 Disc DVD box set - £14.99 @ Play

Eddie Izzard Live 7 Disc DVD box set - £14.99 @ Play

Found 26th Dec 2009Made hot 13th Jan 2010
All Eddie's stand up in a box set. I bought the latest one on it's own for 15 quid a few days ago!

Definite Article: From hairnets to dog food, Einstein to Pavlov and Mother Nature divvying up reproduction methods at the scene of the Big Bang which is sure to leave the salmon a little less than satisfied!

Unrepeatable: From schlock horror films to Star Trek, Eddie Izzard wows an audience at Albery Theatre in March 1994 with another side-splittingly hilarious, not to mention surreal, stand up show...

Glorious: Dextrous cats, jam and people called Jeff: more superbly surreal stand up from Eddie Izzard...

Circle: More hilarious comedy from Eddie Izzard filmed in New York on 26th June 2000.

Sexie: A side-splitting live show from Eddie Izzard, filmed in the UK for the first time since 1997!

Stripped: Another hilarious helping of live comedy from cross-dressing comic Eddie Izzard!

Dress To Kill: This award-winning performance continues to delight Eddie Izzard fans worldwide. In 'Dressed To Kill' Izzard satirizes the history of Western culture through his unique comedic unique style of fun and wit.


Best stand up... ever.... Englebert Humperdink... Zingleback... go back one.
Run Charlie run
Cake or Death
Do you know who i am?
Evil Giraffes

Squirrels and make up
Aaaaaaaaaargh Im covered in Beeeeeeees!
I like my women like I like my coffee....

the list goes on, an epic boxset!

Cake for me 2 Please,

Smoking Hot deal i almost got this in asda for £25 and £14.99's a steal

are you happy with your wash?

Ordered, thanks. Says out of stock but order in anyway

HMV have had this for a while at this price just checked and is showing out of stock there too. May be worth keeping an eye on it?

If you just want the audio Radio 7 are currently broadcasting these on a weekly basis.
HTH someone.

£14.98 on amazon but out of stock

Nice find - Ordered!

Cant believe, Ive been waiting untill I've had a bit of money after christmas to get this


This is cheaper and includes the newest DVD

Hilda!!! get me a map of everything!!

What's a Henge?

Do you have a flag?

Le singe est dans l'arbre...
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