Edelweiss Wheat Beer 500ml bottle at Asda for 97p !

Edelweiss Wheat Beer 500ml bottle at Asda for 97p !

Found 22nd Mar 2010
Just saw this deal in Asda Charlton today. Edelweiss Weisbeer for 97 p ! Was a rollback sign,but perhaps it just store specific. Best before was Jun 10 !



Saw this on Saturday in Dewsbury, down from £2 odd - was going to post myself.
Lovely stuff!

Oh snap! Was going to pop to Asda later anyway, will grab a few bottles for sure.

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The was no Grolsch Weizen in Charlton & the 15x440 Becks Vier scanned for £ 11 !

dont buy this its so bad

wheat beer makes me feel sick after a few bottles, must have some sort of wheat intolerance, cheap tohugh

Great price for a great beer, heat added! :thumbsup:


great stuff, real quality beer

dont listen to the people who say its terrible, they probably drink some horrible "premium" lager which is full of c***

Nice work, I'll be sniffing these out tomorrow.

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None in Asda Crosshabour !

Although it's showing as expired because I wasn't sure how long the offer would last, the M&S deal for Winterfest Wheat Beer is still going. £8.04 for 8 bottles, so a little bit more expensive than the deal posted here, but maybe worth checking out if your local Asda is out of stock.


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