EDF Energy extra Nector Points for current customers "Read and Reward"

EDF Energy extra Nector Points for current customers "Read and Reward"

Found 31st Jul 2008
Had call today from EDF Energy who have set up a scheme whereby if you enter your meter readings on line when they email you, you get an extra 250 Nector points per reading, so 500 on gas and electric. Also if you join savetodaysavetomorrow.com scheme with them, you earn extra points (I believe 1000) if your energy use is less than the year before. They tell me this is a new Government scheme to reduce energy??Dont know if any good for anyone else but I prefer to do my own readings anyway as estimates are always way out.


does this mean you can claim it back to reduce the 35% that they will put on prices

that will make the 35% rise less painful...oh thank you EDF!

35% rise was British Gas , not EDF


35% rise was British Gas , not EDF

I stand corrected Gritish Bas was 35%. EDF was 22% for Gas and 17% Electricty. Plus the 12.9% and 7.9% in January. Vive La EDF!

Not sure if they still call it this but it used to be called Read, Reduce & Reward.
Its not a new scheme. I used to work for EDF almost 2 years ago and it was going then. So must be about 3 years old now. It started off as Read & Reward but they later added the Reduce bit

Problem they had (not sure if they've resolved it) is they couldn't really get an accurate measure for the amount of energy you actually used in the first year. Although you'd think they would be able to. They never thought of this when they introduced the scheme.

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I agree with all your comments and looks like we are all going to be paying loads and loads more whatever the company supplying. It was just a tip of being more convenient to do meter readings on line, save on waste paper and earn few extra points. Just as mad as you lot with the price hikes!!!!

Its not a new offer.

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Oh sorry if this scheme is not new. They told me today it was "new". My mistake. Oh well. Wanna thank all you guys for all the great deals put on here. Am really hooked and have done some great shopping!! Not sure if its good as seem to be spending sooooo much money as just love a bargain. ha ha ha. Keep up the good work everyone :thumbsup:

No need to apologise Chickenchit, its good to have people willing to post any pssible saving/bargain on here! Credit to you for posting one. Agree it's a great site and so many top offers.

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Just got letter confirmation from EDF saying this is a "new" trial scheme! Obviously not telling the truth then if been running for couple of years eh? Perhaps they are referring to the government save energy scheme of monitoring a household's usage from one year to next and giving extra nectar points if its less???
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