Edge10 W243H / 24" Widescreen DVI LCD Monitor @ 169.99 delivered

Edge10 W243H / 24" Widescreen DVI LCD Monitor @ 169.99 delivered

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Found 21st Oct 2008
just bought the following monitor from Play.com. for 24" this is a great price
Stereo Multimedia speakers, dual input (VGA and DVI) ..... very good spec and amazing price ...


Saverstore have this for £162.34 plus £5.99 delivery. Slightly cheaper, but I dont know how good saverstore are. Still voted hot as this is cheap for a 24" monitor which can do portrait viewing as well.


I would buy from Play.com, Saverstore have a poor history.

£159 + delivery at aria

Play.com have a brilliant returns policy.

I bought one from Aria yesterday for less (inc del), but they're OOS now.

This is second best Isuppose.

Jukkie, can you tell us what's it's like when it arrives?

Don't forget 4% Quidco at Play.com. Showed on Quidco almost immediately.

Thinking of getting it for boyfriend for his christmas but he wants to use it for tv and computer. Does anyone know if you could connect a pc to this and/or a ps3?

blondi - it's got DVI and VGA so shouldn't be a problem - you might need to get a cable though...

Is this a TN panel?


Is this a TN panel?

Judging by the viewing angle, I'd say yes.

In case anyone still read this -

I've now set up the screen and it's TERRIBLE! A slight blue tinge no matter how much I try to adjust the colours, 3 stuck pixels, and dark shades have an annoying grainy and shimmering effect.

This is the first and last time I buy a screen by a non-big name brand. At least with some others you know you will get a decent quality screen.

Sticking my 3yr old Bilinea TFT back on my desk as it's FAR superior.
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