Edgecore WIFI Skype Phone - £39.99 + vat @ Staples
Edgecore WIFI Skype Phone - £39.99 + vat @ Staples

Edgecore WIFI Skype Phone - £39.99 + vat @ Staples

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I've been looking for a wifi-enabled Skype phone for a while. This seems to be a good deal; other websites have the same handset for almost £200.

The Edge-Core Wi-Fi Phone with Skype software preloaded, WM4201 is the perfect IP communication solution for users that are looking for a mobile and easy-to-use IP communication device.


this is identical to the SMC model hardware which i have... it does the job tho mine was faulty- microphone is v low.
new firmware makes it a good deal. picks up wifi way better

So what does this offer over a mobile with WiFi?

it's made for skype with full skype functionality...
not all mobiles with wifi can handle this- only more expensive ones (like htc etc)

u dont need to plug into computer like most usb models

I've had one of these, upgraded the firmware in seconds and it was working great.

I ditched my traditional landline with virgin which was costing me upwards of £200 a year. I subscribed to skype with unlimited landline calls to anywhere in the UK for £20 a year...big difference, big saving.

As this phone is bespoke to skype all your contacts are automatically downloaded on to it when you sign in to it. Makes an excellent wireless phone and a great money saver all in.

Best thing is that it looks really sexy when its in the base holder!! lol...

Only downside is that you still have to charge it every few days like a mobile, or you could leave it on permanent charge using the base unit. Either way, I might get myself another one!!!

Well, mine arrived Monday afternoon; inserted the battery, connected it to the charger and charged it for 8 hours.
Nothing happening when trying to power on.
Check the battery; nothing, battery appears to be dead.

Re-checked the box, it appears that it's been opened before I received it, the circular sticky seal at one end has almost certainly been lifted then re-stuck down. I'm thinking it's either a return or they've fished out the battery and replaced a dud one.

Not a happy bunny, I've sent Staples an e-note thingy so I'll see what they say.

Wow, kudos Staples.
I've always thought that you didn't know how good a company is until you have to deal with Customer Services when something bad has happened. Staples got back to me the next day, before 11am, and have offered to pick up the phone at their expense (I'm assuming that if I'm wrong, I'm paying for this !) and at the time of my choosing.
Their after-sales service seems to be excellent so far. More as it happens (I know you're all riveted...)

As per the title, they've run out of phones so they sent me a refund.
I'd have much preferred a replacement phone but nevertheless Staples have still impressed me with their customer service.
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