edible chocolate coin maker £8 asda instore £15 online

edible chocolate coin maker £8 asda instore £15 online

Found 18th Aug 2015
Chocolate coin maker instore at Huyton asda. Still showing at £15 asda online
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oh wow so cool
Direct link direct.asda.com/Edi…tml

2 reviews found on Amazon but can't tell which version ASDA are selling
"...came across this piece of rubbish. My son used it once and nothing worked"
"No aspect of this item works properly. The water bottle takes too long to melt the chocolate (just microwave it). The foil discs fall through the tray. The embosser barely makes an impression even if you screw it down hard, at which point the chocolate coin breaks. Then the foil falls off the finished coin because the device doesn't fold the edges down firmly enough."
you can eat the Chocolate coin maker? wow
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