Edimax EW-7438RPn mini Wi-Fi extender £1 instore @ B&M

Edimax EW-7438RPn mini Wi-Fi extender £1 instore @ B&M

LocalFound 5th Apr 2017
I just picked up one of these range extenders for £1 in store at the Harlow B&N, it had a normal shelf edge label so should be nationwide.
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Are they effective? or just like a TV aerial booster that can't really improve a bad signal. at this price, could really stick a few around the house!
You're lucky, i bought the exact same item yesterday and it cost me £5, from B&M's Harlow. Can't tell if it's​ any good, haven't tried it yet.
To be honest I haven't tried it yet, but for £1 I thought I would give it a go.
Thanks, I'll pop down and buy a few later
£15 on Amazon and reviews .
they generally can extend signal, but has to be reasonable signal ie not at extremities where it is already weak.
i got one when they were 5 quid its been sound since just plug it somewere that is signal so it will booster in more like in a hall not a bedroom.
You're kidding me? A quid!? That's mad. These were great for £15! Multi purpose and easy to repurpose and reconfigure. Very impressed.
Anyone found them at other B&Ms?
I bought a netgear one for £25 for a pound I'm gonna get even though I don't need it

Anyone found them at other B&Ms?

Just looked in the Bletchley store - none found. They only had a TP Link device for £14.99 and no shelf-edge label for the Edimax so may not be stocked in all stores.
Hot added. I got one at B&M Sunderland and it works good for me. My daughter is happy she has a range in her room at last.
got one thursday at fareham b+m at £1- it said there are still 4 in stock, yet just the 1 was hard enough to find, found it tucked away. These are normally £15 per item.
Still lots of the philips dvds at £1 in fareham, about 25 packs still in stock, old price still on the shelf, old price was £2-99 scanning at £1-
sell them on ebay and make some tax free money!
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