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Edward East Mens Watch automatic EDW6386G34 £59 @ Watches2u
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Edward East Mens Watch automatic EDW6386G34 £59 @ Watches2u

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Posted 11th Aug 2018
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Chinese 21 jewel tat
No way is that RRP but still seems a good deal as it's £99 on Amazon.
Chinese 21 jewel tat
FairPlay to them for the retail price at over £500!
What!!!! £505 RRP? Lol!!
“Edward East Mens....”

coco_cool45 m ago

“Edward East Mens....”Who?

Edward from far East

Fair play to the chaps who purloined then name. Clock aker to Charles I no less! From 1696! Totes legit! In all fairness, it's probably okayish. I have a couple of cheapo Tongji-stylee watches and they work well. But £60 is probably about £40 too much.
I posted a few Autos that were on Amazon just over a tenner earlier (deleted as the mods didn't like the Fulfilled By Amazon seller in the original post).

I don't know anything about "Edward East" (suppose it's better than "Winner" and "Deerfun" and all the other crazeee Chinese names) but it's usually hit or miss with the no-name China Automatics, or Quartz. Buy for fun, sure, but don't spend £60 on it - you could get second-hand or even an Amazon Warehouse much, much better watch for that money.

This Watchuseeker puts it better than I could (so, maybe I should avoid the £10 Automatics!) - though, not all Chinese watches are equal. Seagull are well-respected, as are Fiyta.

And "Smael" does just sounds to me like "Smell", not a name you want on your watch.

Edit: There's a quick thread on Watchuseek about Edward East here
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