EE 10GB of data for just £17 pm  + £70 cashback After cashback £11.16

EE 10GB of data for just £17 pm + £70 cashback After cashback £11.16

Found 10th Mar
Just flagged in my email..amazing offer i think but you have to pay £17 every month.

Enjoy 10GB of data for just £17 pm + £70 cashback

Get 10GB of data for £17 per month (was £20 per month) with unlimited

minutes and texts, EU roaming, BT Sports App free for 3 months, and

Apple Music free for 6 months

That's not all; you'll also enjoy an exclusive £70 cashback when you order this week.

Cashback offer ends: 11 Mar 2018

Im currently on last years EE 16.50 with cashback from e2save but I have a PAC,
will I be able to switch out to plusnet and back to EE on this offer?
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Quidco shows £45 cashback not £70
No mention of cashback at the link?
I have a retention deal of 30gb unlimited mins, text at same price
No voucher code for cashback
I get 25Gb of data, unlimted mins and text, EU roaming and BT sports for £15.80 a month. Added a second line for the Mrs for £6.99 a month extra to use my allowance. This was done via retentions when I had my PAC code. Phone them up and push them hard, say you friend gets "......." and lay it on thick saying I want teh same deal or I am leaving!

10GB for £15 is cold from me
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You can use unidays to get 20% off per month
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Quidco cashback is £45 and not £70, so effective prices after cashback is £13.25 per month.

Plus the way quidco has been going in the past few years, I doubt that it will be paid.

Sadly, TCB cashback is only £35.
I got 40gb with the extra speed (previoisly max plan up to 90mbs allegedly normally £2 extra per month) for £20 a month this afternoon
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