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EE 20GB 5G data/ Unlim min/text, Free 6 Months Extras - £7.20pm x 24 Months - Total £172.80 (with Student code / BT BB customers) @ BT

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About this deal

Low data with low price -
You get usual extras free for 6 months.

BT Mobile More details at BT Mobile
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    Excellent deal. Just got one. Also used PAC code and setup £0 spending cap.
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    A code for those in need : H4XTZKXJH
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    Does anyone know if you are retrospectively checked if you are a BT broadband customer?
    I'm on the 100GB plan, no checks so far.
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    Really want to upgrade my 4GB for £8.84 with EE and this would be a cracking deal but alas, not a student and switched to Sky broadband less than 12 months ago.
    Nice find though OP
    According to comments on these deals you don't actually have to be an existing bt customer, just tick that you are, or a student, you can usually blag a student code from a generous hukd member.
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    As a BT broadband customer price shows £9. How do I get it for £7.20pm?
    49043038-o6LTI.jpg (edited)
    Student discount through student beans
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    Anyone be kind enough for a student code please? Thanks!
    @drunk1 H68ST3GWB
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    Would this be usable as an eSIM in an LTE Google Watch or do you have to have the specific Watch plan?
    AFAIK it has to be specific watch plan in order to share number. £7/mth thru EE.
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    A spare code would be appreciated. Thanks
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    Does this have capped speeds?
    No, I got unlimited speed when signed up last month.
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    What's "essential" mean? Sounds a lesser service?
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    If I'm already with them can I swap to this?
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    Looks like it's eligible for stay connected so if you use up all your data then you can still browse/WhatsApp etc albeit at a lower connection speed.
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    I recently moved house 150 miles across country and I wish I didn't have EE now as everywhere I go in a 10 mile radius of my house is crap on EE. I can barely get 10Mb Internet speed. Anyway signed up until 2024 so have to live with it!
    They can release you from your contract. Say it's affecting your mental heath. Ask to speak to the complaints department.
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    Anyone else got this?

    We need to confirm some details
    We’ll call you within the next 48hours to discuss your order.
    Sounds ominous!
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    Can this be added to an existing EE account and share data and will it also benefit from existing customer discount?
    Three lots of discount! Reckon that's pushing it too far, not every agent allows the two.

    You can share data from this account (well, the similar 100GB tariff) to another. (edited)
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    You will get generous deals than this WITHOUT a contract. Read other deals on HUD (edited)
    Only on other networks, stop getting people's hopes up
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    How do you get a student code?
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    Called EE via retentions, they offered me

    £8 for 5 GB
    £7 for 1 GB
    £10 for £10GB

    Not applicable for student discount
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    Anyone else have a student code please? Thanks in advance! 👌
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    Code please?? please DM (edited)
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    Just almost signed up and noticed I. The last page. Every march they will increase your price by consumer price index+3.4% that works out at the current rate 13% does that mean in 3 months the price will be £8.13
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