EE - £40pm for 50GB data tariff & home modem - 12 month contract (£480)

EE - £40pm for 50GB data tariff & home modem - 12 month contract (£480)

Found 27th Jul 2015
Last week I was looking on the EE website as I am moving somewhere rural and won't have a phone line and found a 4GEE WiFi package for £50 a month for 50GB of data with the Osprey 2 modem/router/hotspot on a 24 month contract and Quidco had £50 cashback and a voucher to make it £40 a month.

The 50GB tariff disappeared off the website in the last few days so I rang them up to ask about it and they offered me the following:
- 50GB data
- 'Home' 4G router (presumably a mains powered one rather than a portable one)
- 12 month contract
- £40 a month

They also sent me a Summer SIM for the 200GB of data as well! (I had already got one, can't hurt to have another )

Considering that no other provider offers anything close to 50GB of data a month and it's a 12 month contract as opposed to 24 it seemed like a pretty good deal to me. Compared to paying £15+£10-20 a month for line rental and broadband it doesn't seem too bad and it should be faster than my current wired connection at home!

This is a data SIM so won't have any minutes/texts.

I called 0800 956 6000 and it didn't seem like this was a 'bespoke' deal so don't see why it wouldn't be available for others.
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people don't realize why this is a good deal. I have shoddy 2.5mbs line with no hope of fibre optic, I can get 4g with 3 but even if I can't get 4g, any mobile data speed will be an improvement. wudve signed up if I wasn't tied to a contract.
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Yup this is a good deal. We are about to do a self build and the price of mobile data is appalling. Still I'll give it a miss as that sort of cash is more than I'm willing to spend. You can burn through 50gb in 10 days streaming HD video (Amazon, Netfilx etc)

Heat added, tho'
If you can find the way to tether then 3s unlimited data sim is better on payg otherwise then I think you have a deal especially for convenience
what's the 'Home 4G router' for, as I thought this is a Mifi/SIM deal?

what's the 'Home 4G router' for, as I thought this is a Mifi/SIM deal?

Like I said in my post - that was what I was originally looking for because that's all they have advertised on their website. It wasn't until I rang up that they offered the 'Home Router' and the data plan they'd taken off their website. For me that's perfect - I don't need it to be 'portable'.

Received my router today - it's actually a Huawei e5180.

It has 1x ethernet port and it does have MIMO antenna connections for an external antenna.

Just phoned the 0800 number and asked for the £40.00 deal was on the phone 15 mins spoke to manager etc and I mentioned bespoke etc but they do not offer this deal. only £50 for osprey 50 gb
The deal I got wasn't for the Osprey - it was for Home 4G. The Osprey with a £10 off a month voucher was what I was *originally* going for but then they offered me the Home 4G 50GB which is £40.
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