EE broadband from £12.55 per month! (18m)  via TCB £351

EE broadband from £12.55 per month! (18m) via TCB £351

Found 5th Apr 2017
While recently double checking moneysavingexpert site for a deal for a broadband provider, it shows that the current cheapest provider is EE on their Unlimited Broadband deal of 17 Mbps on an 18 month contract. I've calculated this down to 12.55 per month (incl. line rental), given that you:

- Pay line rental upfront (£299)
- Pay £2.5 per month on direct debit for 18 months (£45)
- Pay £7 for upfront cost.
= £351 for 18 months (19.5 per month)


get the deal through Topcashback for a cool £125 cashback
= £226 for 18 months (12.55 per month)

Optionally, you could get it through Moneysavingexpert for a £100 amazon voucher instead..

Btw. there's a £30 new line installation fee on top if you dont have a fixed line in the property (thats unpossible..). If new line is required, you better order this asap as it will take about 3 weeks to get it installed.. oO
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Not bad for 18m term for new new customers. I'm on the bt cash card deal from Xmas, dreading what options will be available when that expires.
unpossible? oO

unpossible? oO

Ralph from The Simpsons.
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Me fail English ? That's unpossible!
It's worth making sure you get it on a deal that can easily be cancelled. I've had many broadband providers but suffer real performance issues with EE. As well as the well-documented throttling there was also a significant latency. At first this was intolerable, but EE technical support did improve things, although as soon as I moved to another provider it was amazing how much improvement I saw in performance.
Thanks for the tip. Will be interesting to test the speed, although you got that 14-days grace period to figure things out first eh?
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