EE MiFi Device With 4Gb Data Per Month - £10.50 over 24 months

EE MiFi Device With 4Gb Data Per Month - £10.50 over 24 months

LocalFound 5th Apr 2017
EE are offering a deal on their mini MiFi device which gets you more data than their SIM only deals - but with a 24-month contract. 4Gb data is £10.50 - with a 10% discount if you are already an EE Contract Customer. This is the fast 4G data that is an alternative or a supplement to home broadband, giving faster upload speeds. The SIM can be used elsewhere if required - e.g. in a tablet - it's a 3-way combi sim. This deal isn't currently shown online, but it may be once EE update their online store.
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i got this at xmas and tbh while the device is handy the battery life is terrible.
the signal also isnt as good as my xperia z2.
i use it as a wifi hotspot in my car and as portable i use for family holidays nad days out etc as it has 64gb of data and i pay £22.50 a month
This is a very poor deal. I paid £50 for this device unlocked and can get much better data only deals with Giff Gaff.
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