EE Retention Deal 12M SIM Only Unlimited Calls/SMS/4GB, BT Sports Roaming £10.99 (Normally £24.99) £131.88

EE Retention Deal 12M SIM Only Unlimited Calls/SMS/4GB, BT Sports Roaming £10.99 (Normally £24.99) £131.88

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LocalFound 12th May 2017
I phoned EE retention department earlier to request a PAC in order to move over to Plusnet who have a £10 SIM only deal with 1500 minutes, unlimited SMS and 4GB data.

Without much effort (in fact no effort at all), I was offered the £24.99 '12M SIM Max 4GB' plan for £10.99

Details below:
Plan length: 12 months
Included SMS: Unlimited
Included Calls: Unlimited
Included Data: 4GB
BT Sport App: Included (Normally £5 Per Month)
Included Roaming: 50 Destinations Included
London Underground WiFi

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Got the same deal for 8.99 last week.
I used to get it for 7 .99 for 4gb before I changed to the 25gb loyalty plan

Proof or GTFO!

I have it for £8.99 6 months ago

Proof or GTFO!

WOW, who put you in charge?
Also paid £8.99 last month on retention
I also called and asked for my PAC code and was offered 15GB, unlimited call and texts, BT Sport etc and apple music free for 6 months for £16.00/mth (12mth contract) also took out the same deal for my 2 children and husband! so £64.00 for all 4 lines/mth 60GB between us!
Got the same for £9.99 last week
Managed to get this for £8.99. He offered 10.99, then I asked for the PAC code and he said they could do it for 8.99. Always ask to leave, never take their first offer. Worst case scenario you have a PAC code which you don't need to use, best case scenario you get a better deal.

I also used the Plusnet deal as a base offer to try beat, but in fairness I believe that deal no longer exists (I didn't say this, obviously!).
Is this available online or in store
Well, I phoned the EE Retention Dept again and told them that as I was still within the 14DCOP for the new 12 month contract, I wanted PAC code as I'd had second thoughts and wasn't happy that others were paying only £8.99 for the same tariff that I'd been offered a few days ago.

Without much effort, I ended up with same package for £8.99.
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I got the 8.99 offer last night, so it is still current.
Is this with 3G or 4G data?
4G data

4G data

Thanks. Will ring retentions!
Say they can't go below 9.99. I declined.

Rang back later - asked for PAC code. Spoke to his boss. Got it for £8.99. Persevere!
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