Eels - Shootenanny / Souljacker / Live At Town Hall CD's £2.99 each + Free Delivery/5% Voucher Code @ Play
Eels -   Shootenanny / Souljacker / Live At Town Hall  CD's  £2.99 each + Free Delivery/5% Voucher Code @ Play

Eels - Shootenanny / Souljacker / Live At Town Hall CD's £2.99 each + Free Delivery/5% Voucher Code @ Play

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All In A Day's Work
Saturday Morning
The Good Old Days
Love Of The Loveless
Dirty Girl
Rock Hard Times
Restraining Order Blues
Lone Wolf
Wrong About Bobby
Numbered Days
Fashion Awards
Somebody Loves You


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Electro-Shock Blues ]HERE
Elizabeth On The Bathroom Floor
Going To Your Funeral Part I
Cancer For The Cure
My Descent Into Madness
3 Speed
Hospital Food
Electro-Shock Blues
Efils' God
Going To Your Funeral Part II
Last Stop: This Town
Baby Genius
Climbing To The Moon
Ant Farm
Dead Of Winter
Medication Is Wearing Off, The
P.S. You Rock My World

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Daisies Of The Galaxy (Advisory) ]HERE
Grace Kelly Blues
Packing Blankets
Sound Of Fear, The
I Like Birds
Daisies Of The Galaxy
It's A Motherf#&[email protected]
Estate Sale
Tiger In My Tank
Daisy Through Concrete, A
Jeannie's Diary
Wooden Nickels
Something Is Sacred
Selective Memory
Mr. E's Beautiful Blues - (hidden track)

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Souljacker ]HERE
Dog Faced Boy
That's Not Really Funny
Fresh Feeling
Woman Driving, Man Sleeping
Souljacker, Pt. 1
Friendly Ghost
Teenage Witch
Bus Stop Boxer
Jungle Telegraph
World of ****
Souljacker, Pt. 2
What Is This Note?

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Live At Town Hall ]HERE
Blinking Lights (For Me)
Bride Of Theme From Blinking Lights
Bus Stop Boxer
Dirty Girl
Trouble With Dreams
Only Thing I Care About
My Beloved Monster
Pretty Ballerina
It's A ************
Novocaine For The Soul
Girl From The North Country
Railroad Man
I Like Birds
If You See Natalie
Poor Side Of Town
I'm Going To Stop Pretending That I Didn't Break Your Heart
Suicide Life
Losing Streak
Hey Man (Now You're Really Living)
Things The Grandchildren Should Know

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amibees posted some more EELS CD's at Play ]HERE

loved Novacaine for the soul, hey man(now your really living and Mr E's beautiful blues:thumbsup:


'Gotta Buy them all!'

I already have them all but the rest of you should

great post :-D I'd get them if i didn't have them all already

the new single is brilliant, looking forward to the new album

I like this band. I remember watching a neat TV documentary about the lead singer Mark O Everett. His father was a Quantum physicist. Voted hot!

Fantastic, now all I need is for the deal to stay until Monday when I can afford to buy Shootenanny & Live At Town Hall

Not the best Eels efforts, but still solid albums. If you haven't heard them before, here is not the place to start but once you do get into them, these are good albums. But at this price, they are worth a buy if you are a fan


Not the best Eels efforts,

I disagree, Town hall is the eels album I listen to the most, it's a better place to listen to the 'greatest hits' because all the songs are played in a similar style, whereas greatest hits album is a little all over the place..

For those of you who want to have a listen to the new album before its out myspace.com/eels

Eels unfortunately followed in the footsteps of bands like ABC and went too experimental after the success of his first album (Beautiful Freak) - it didn't work and the albums that followed were sh1te. Big shame, because Beautiful Freak is one of THE albums of the 90's

Can't argue with the deal though - great if your an avid Eels fan.

I'm a big eels fan and the second album is the true masterpiece.
Beautiful Freak was brilliant and every album since has had its moments but electro-shock blues as a whole has very few weak moments.

New album is great, great band to see live if you get the chance,
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