Eerie, Indiana: The Complete Series (Collector's Edition) (3 Discs) £7.99 @play

Eerie, Indiana: The Complete Series (Collector's Edition) (3 Discs) £7.99 @play

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Marshall Teller's family moves to the small country town of Eerie, Indiana (Pop. 16,661). There, Marshall discovers that Eerie, as he puts it, "is the center of weirdness for the universe". Elvis lives there, so do a pair of twins who stay young by sleeping in Tupperware, and many other strange things. Each episode, Marshall and his friend Simon collect evidence about the creepy things that happen there.

This release features every episode from both series of this cult tv programme.

Episodes Comprise:

1. Foreverware
2. The Retainer
3. ATM with a Heart of Gold
4. The Losers
5. Scariest Home Videos
6. Just Say No Fun
7. Heart on a Chain
8. The Dead Letter
9. Who's Who
10. The Lost Hour
11. Marshall's Theory of Believability
12. Tornado Days
13. The Hole in the Head Gang
14. Mr. Chaney
15. No Brain, No Pain
16. The Loyal Order of Corn
17. Zombies in P.J.s
18. Reality Takes a Holiday
19. The Broken Record

Every episode for a penny short of 8 quid and i quite liked this as a kid




Been this price for a while but usually out of stock

nice find OP

Awww gawd I used to love this show. Voted Hot!

yea, i used to love this also.


there was a second series too a few years later - totally different cast and pretty rubbish.

Original Poster

the second series is included in this boxset
the original series 1 is episodes 1 - 13
the **** second series is episodes 14 to 19 so the last 6 episodes are series 2
that dvd is every episode

The 2 that spring to mind are the retainer episode and the lost socks??? episode, a truly bizarre program that was hysterically funny.

the second series is a seperate thing ... it is...…ion
and came 6 years later.
but as i said, it's rubbish so no loss.

omg, i used to love this show too and I'm old! (ish)

a great show!

I remember this show being excellent. I think I'm gonna have to buy it.

ordered, couldnt resist, i had totally forgot about this show, cant quite remember full episodes but remember i loved it and cant go wrong at that price.

Thanks VH!

I shudder to think how dated its going to look.

I used to LOVE this show. My favourite episode was 'The Lost Hour'. I always thought Omri Katz was going to be a star, but I never saw him in anything else.

Wasnt this directed by Joe Dante, the guy who did Gremlins, the Burbs, Small Soldiers?

I remember some episodes would be a bit dire whilst others would be great. I think it would probably have dated too much for the twenty somethings now, but would still be great for kids.


I think it would probably have dated too much for the twenty somethings … I think it would probably have dated too much for the twenty somethings now, but would still be great for kids.

I couldn't disagree more. When Channel 4 first started airing the programme, I was a twenty something, and thought it was easily the best thing on TV at the time. I think Joe Dante's involvement as creative consulant and occasional director (and actor) meams that anyone who wasted large chunks of their childhood watching B&W horror and SF films will find something to make them smile.

As for the programme being dated? I think not. If anything it was ahead of its time. I can't believe it didn't get a proper second season. Or failing that, I'm surprised nobody took the idea of a credulous paranormal investigator and his sceptical sidekick and made a more adult oriented programme from it. ;-)

Just to clarify, this is the entire 1st (and only true) series. Anyone who claims Reality Takes a Holiday or the Broken Record are comparable to the "**** second series" really shouldn't be allowed nice things like this boxset.

Oh, and the season finale is actually "Reality Takes a Holiday". "Broken Record" is only stuck on at the end because the US TV company bottled out and didn't show it in the original run. It seems an episode based on the (at the time faily topical) Judas Priest suicide case was just too controversial at the time.

My only warning would be that if it's anything like the US boxset I bought many moons ago, the picture quality is pretty poor. But given the quantity and (for the most part) quality of the episodes, still well worth £8.

quality show used to love his wee mate Simon :thumbsup:

Voted hot and ordered. Loved the show in particular the foreverware episode.

i loved this!!!!!!!!!! orderd one! thank you!

this was quality back in ar day!! hot!

I Was Born to Buy this Boxset!

interesting fact-this is filmed on the same street/set where Seinfeld filmed the episode "bubbleboy"

im looking for erie indaiana the other dimension was aired in 1997 to 1998 the episode im looking for is im okay your really weird . if anybody has that episode contact me i would like to get it
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