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iPad Pro 2018 11” 64gb £689.99  eGlobal Central
Found 8 h, 47 m agoFound 8 h, 47 m ago
Found on eGlobal - seems like a decent discount for e looking for a stocking filler.

Dont if it helps but saw it at London City Airport £100 off the RRP today. Very tempted but end of day you are just paying that much for a screen - the OS isnt fit for purpose any more, esp. with thie power of this hardware


...Inflation:S on a serious note for anyone buying this, it will most likely not arrive for Christmas...


when i was a lad a stocking filler was a net of gold chocolate coins not a £700 ipad pro!


Any discount codes going, g Does anyone know,? Dec2018 isn't recognised


Stocking filler? This wouldn't even fit in Nora Batty's stockings :D

Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite 3GB/32GB Dual sim - Gold
Found 11 h, 0 m agoFound 11 h, 0 m ago
Snapdragon 625 - 3GB, 32GB, microSD - 5.84 inches IPS LCD, 1080 x 2280, 432 ppi - Rear Camera: 12.0 + 5.0 MP - Front Camera: 5.0MP - Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, Wi-Fi Direct, hotspot … Read more

Good luck and hope you get it sorted!


Thanks I edited :)


I'm talking to them now (lol)


Use chkout5 to get another fiver off, also black available at same price and blue for a quid less. Edit.. apologies, think I need to take more water with it I'm sure chkout5 wasn't in the op when I first looked !


What did Amazon say when you told then?

Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 4GB/64GB Dual Sim Sim Free/Unlocked - Black £147.99 @ eGlobal central
Shipping from Hong KongShipping from Hong KongFound 20 h, 45 m agoFound 20 h, 45 m ago
Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 4GB/64GB Dual Sim Sim Free/Unlocked - Black Same version is currently on Amazon for £229.99

but you might as well post it to the moon and have a better chance of hassle free repairs :D I think as long as you know the potential risks it's fine but now that Amazon and ebuyer are selling these for about £20 more it seems almost pointless taking the risk of a chinese seller - and I recently did buy one of these from eGlobal and so far had no issues.




Comes with a 12 month warranty on all the above, buyer pays postage back to seller. A parcel to China is £10-£12 on parcels 2 go.


the above should be written as standard on ANY deal posted here where the vendor is Chinese


Remember as with all Chinese sellers like Gearbest/Banggood/Aliexpress or even on Ebay - you have effectively NO WARRANTY with these imports. This is the gamble you take when you try to save a few quid. Secondly don't expect any of the phone shops in town to be able/willing to fix these phone, they won't and even if they wanted to they will not have the spare parts.  If you want your phone to be serviceable then stick to mainstream brands, Apple, Samsung etc.

128GB - Xiaomi MIX 2 6GB 4G Dual Sim SIM FREE/ UNLOCKED - BLACK £210.99 @ Eglobal
Found 20 h, 53 m agoFound 20 h, 53 m ago
Good price for the 128gb version of this cracking phone. Use the discount code, and as always, customs may be a possibility. Xiaomi Mi MIX 2 Smartphone use Qualcomm Snapdragon 8… Read more

That's a mighty tempting price. Heat Switchy


Another moderate user and I get 2 full days easily, great battery in these.


Using it now and they must have been wringing it's neck to do that. Moderate user 2 days easy.


Appreciated! Sounds much better, at least it's this year.


Xiaomi are pretty good with updates IME. My 2yo Mi Max is already on MIUI 10 and Apr 2018 security update.

Mi A2 lite 3GB/32GB Dual sim - Black £122.99 @ eGlobal central
Found 9th DecFound 9th Dec
Ebuyer deal expired , next closer price with possible 2% cashback
Get dealGet deal

well mine was shipped from hong kong to say I ordered it from uk global site


I've had no issues with eglobal, and bought around 8 highish value items. Always use the credit card in case though. Everything has been shipped within the UK within the week.


Don't always rely on PayPal these days if outside of eBay (yes I know they are separate now) as my lad got scammed by a chinese seller on a light sabre metal collectors item and they sent a £1 shop kids one and PayPal honored the sale. The latest trick is to send you a worthless item then only allow dlh express worldwide as a return method which for a one meter light sabre was £48 even tho its worth a quid


it seems they now using a different company where they getting returned back and theres loads of bad reviews online I got a case open and ends on 17th which will end in my favour since its been sent back by the company in uk


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AKG N60NC First Class Noise Cancelling Headphones - Black £127.99 @ Eglobal Central
Found 7th DecFound 7th Dec
Check out the review on what hifi, by far the best deal as well. I know “on ear is not everyone’s taste but I like them🤪

they now scamming beware I got paypal on the case for a phone


Interested to hear more about this. I see the wireless ones at Richer Sounds are back up from £149 to £199. They were out of stock locally when I tried a couple of weeks ago. Are they going to be back down this weekend


Definitely WIRED. Wireless are £172.99 on same site. Sorry


The ones the link take you too are wired not the wireless version. The wired ones can be bought cheaper elsewhere. Cold sorry :(


Have edited title, WIRELESS!

Best deal for Fuji X-T20 18-55mm (Promo Code and 2% Cashback)  at eGlobal for £709.99
Found 7th DecFound 7th Dec
I was keeping an eye from black Friday and without the fuji promotion cashback (90 GBP) is the best deal i could find Use XMAS code for 15 off and 2% cashback from quidco..brings … Read more

Logged the issue through the website, couple of days for them to send a box out to return it, had it back within a week fully fixed.


how was the overall process for sending it back and how long it took?


Had to send my x-20 for repair - stuck shutter button and needed whole top plate replacing. Read a few similar problems on forums, so would be a bit wary of grey imports. Great camera and all fixed with no fuss but glad I had warranty


the lens is £240 alone as its a split kit lens, better to get the camera from the UK in a deal imo works out cheaper at previous deal rates too (atm only saving 12% or so over UK normal price so not great)


got to wait for double cashback to comeback in a couple of weeks.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 N960FD 6GB/128GB Dual Sim SIM FREE/ UNLOCKED - Midnight Black £550.99 @ Eglobal Central
Found 4th DecFound 4th Dec
Samsung Galaxy Note 9 N960FD 6GB/128GB Dual Sim SIM FREE/ UNLOCKED - Midnight Black £575.99 but with DEC2018 code, price goes down to £550.99 Potential 2.1% topcashback It is e… Read more

Anyone not redeemed the galaxy skin and would let me have it, it would really be appreciated


Definitely not


Voted hot


Bought a S8 from eGlobal about 6 months ago, its working perfectly fine and was delivered in 5 days from ordering. cost me £349.99, pay on a credit card and your protected for warranty claims as well.


Do you get the £150 cashback from Samsung?

Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite 4GB/64GB Dual Sim SIM FREE/ UNLOCKED - Black 167.80 @ eGlobal Central
Found 4th DecFound 4th Dec
Use code MEMBER3% comes in at £167.80 Description Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite as a phablet features 6.26 inch display afford you a vivid and different visual experience. … Read more

Think many will have this problem I'm on phone to PayPal as I'm not being out of pocket


Mine been sent back says returned to Shipper and returned to origin won't be ordering from them again


Seems a good phone for the money, provided you don't need the 3.5mm headphone jack and the 3350mah battery is enough. If the camera is important, it seems to be better on this phone than the Mi A2(in theory the A2 should be better but looking at comparisons doesn't seem to be the case) or the Note 5. At least this one comes with type C.


i ordered a Redmi note 6 pro and it was shipped from hk and still no update on tracking I got a case open on paypal against them and I read loads of bad reviews online where people haven't been getting there phone even after a month so if I was you cartwheelbob is open a paypal case if you paid with paypal if not well good luck trying to get your money back as they known for keeping the money


That is very very strange. Hopefully they're not changing their policy for the worse

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 N960FD 6GB/128GB Dual Sim SIM FREE/ UNLOCKED - Black Free SD Card 32GB + Adapter £564.99 @ Eglobal
Found 3rd DecFound 3rd Dec
Good price with the memory card thrown. Samsung Note 9 Performance Experience a new level of power The phone that lasts all day Leave your battery packs and cords at home — t… Read more

Code seems to have expired ;(


What model did you get? N960FD?


I have bought one from here and there are a couple of problems. I do not have experience changing the FW and dont know if that will correct the issue or not. 1. cannot download netflix from the Play store. I grabbed it from the Netflix site, but quality is poor and shuts off when the screen goes to sleep. 2. NFC- google pay and samsung pay dont work. 3. no support Pretty unhappy with the purchase at this point. Might flog it on ebay.


I think customs are not the problem here but the warranty. Also, for the ones who are not familiar with putting the right firmware on, will miss out on the likes of volte.


I can't believe you had to fess up to being bested by hukd's phone's biggest troll. Ouchie! (excited)

Samsung Galaxy A9 A920FD 6GB/128GB Dual Sim Blue/Blk/Pink for £389.99 Delivered @ EglobalCentral
Found 2nd DecFound 2nd Dec
Description Made so you can do more Take advantage of the hyper-mobile lifestyle with the colorful Galaxy A9. Capture beautiful photos with the world's first quad camera. Be immer… Read more

Apart from the camera and extra storage, what makes this a better buy than an S8 for £365?


Before buying from Eglobalcentral, please check their dire Trustpilot review rating. Terrible company


The A9 is a wonderful phone, the camera on the flagship models will always be better than a mid range phone. You will find that the S8+/S9 camera would be just as good. What Samsung as with many other brands like Huawei have done is placed 4 lenses on a phone instead of just the 2, they have then used this to market the phone. Little do consumers know is that the more lenses on the phone the cheaper the production costs. Overall its a good mid range phone but having 4 cameras does not really mean you'll have the best camera phone.


Pixel 3 has shown that you don't need multiple cameras to get good photos


Although having four cameras, reviewers haven't really been two impressed....

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 N960FD Dual sim 6GB/128GB Sim Free/Unlocked - Metallic Copper @eglobalcentraluk - £569.99 (with code)
Found 2nd DecFound 2nd Dec
FREE : Generic 2 in 1 Touch Stylus Ball Pen - Silver

you do know Samsung will not cover warranty as they imported ive seen a review where Samsung refused as it wasn't from uk


Had that happen once in 10 orders and that was a pre sale item I would say that it is not indicative of my experience.


I have got the 256gb titanium grey version. We should keep it.


so tempted by this ..i have a s9+ but its the same i guess apart from the pen


Slow delivery but got mine (in black) with no problems

Xiaomi Pocophone F1 6GB *128GB* Dual Sim SIM FREE/ UNLOCKED £255.10 w/code @eglobalcentralUK
Found 2nd DecFound 2nd Dec
XiaoMi Pocophone F1 comes with a 6.18-inch touchscreen display with a resolution of 1080 pixels by 2246 pixels.The Pocophone F1 is powered by Snapdragon™ 845 processor and it come… Read more

I have to keep repeating myself to people as they just don't seem to get it, internal storage is far superior to microsd cards, it's faster and you can fully utilize all your apps on it optimally. When you add a micro SD they're slower by comparison for a start, you also can't fully transfer a large number of popular apps to them as Google's Android doesn't allow it out the box due to security reasons. So simply thinking you're going to add a micro SD card and hey presto you're going to have the same experience as having a larger internal storage from the get go is NOT going to happen. Also worth noting, by installing or transferring apps across to micro SD cards and running them from there can effectively introduce a bottle neck in performance, like with app run time speeds and general snappy'ness of apps can greatly be reduced in "some" cases. If you think you're going to need more storage and you can swallow the extra expenditure then that's the best way to go in my opinion. Theirs not much point in getting a top of the range processor, lots or ram and the cheaping out on slow storage which can make it sluggish. (y)


Thanks OP, purchased


No warranty if bought from chinese site


I think if this has no warranty, the sd card to upgrade from 64GB to 128GB storage is only worth about £14 (MyMemory). Then it's better to get the CarphoneWarehouse deal is what I think personally. Does this really have no warranty whatsoever?!


Hardware wise and design they are very nice, but their camera and updates are below standard.

Xiaomi Pocophone F1 6GB/64GB Dual Sim SIM FREE/ UNLOCKED £238.61 w/code @eglobalcentralUK
Found 2nd DecFound 2nd Dec
Blue here Xiaomi Pocophone F1 comes with a 6.18-inch touchscreen display with a resolution of 1080 pixels by 2246 pixels.The Pocophone F1 is powered by Snapdragon™ 845 processor… Read more



Soz not sure. 3% but not sure what the spend limits are. Give it a bash and see


Do you know the terms of the code not seen that before and was thinking of something else ;)


Seconded, also £20 quidco on that carphone warehouse price. I.e. its 20 difference... Worth paying for UK warranty!


Great phone but Eglobal are a bunch of cowboys. Cold from me.

Motorola Moto G6 Plus XT1926-5 4GB 64GB Dual Sim Factory Unlocked Deep Indigo @ eGlobalCentral EU
Found 2nd DecFound 2nd Dec
Lowest price yet for the REAL dual sim XT1926-5 from eGlobal! Moto G6 Plus, the only one worth having out of the G6 range! - Qualcomm Snapdragon 630 - 4GB, 64GB, microSD - 5… Read more

I'm returning the G6 Plus I bought in the Carphone £172 deal. I have the G6 and thought to pass that on to my eldest and treat myself to the better camera in the Plus as an early Christmas present; however side by side I much prefer the G6s images and video. The focus on the Plus just seemed too soft, to such an extent I spent several minutes trying to remove non-existent protective plastic from the camera lenses. (Also that .2" bigger screen results in a significantly bigger handful).


Oh i need


I got the G6 Play and didnt know it was a bad phone! to be fair, all i do is make phone calls and browse HUKD and Reddit and its ok.


Ah yeah, for £69 it's a great deal :D


Fair enough. I bought the deal for the G6 Play from Carphonewarehouse for £69, and am very pleased with it for the price. :D

Huawei Mate 20 X 6GB/128GB Phantom Silver (EVR-AL00 China model) - £554.99 @ eGlobal Central
Found 1st DecFound 1st Dec
Update 4/12/2018: further price drop on the global model Update 3/12/2018: new promo code for £25 off Cyber Monday deal (-13% off) together with promo code DEC2018 for an extra £2… Read more

Its not water proof as P20Pro. It is only splashproof. Yes the copy is slightly better i agree on that on and the battery better as well. P20 pro is good if your budget is tight. Else Mate 20 Pro. Choice is yours.


Cant wait for my mate 20 x to arrive. My lg v20 was still going strong but the camera on the 20 x is something else. Cracking deal on the best phone out at the moment!


Compare the X with Mate 20 Pro


It's not that bad, & you either end up accepting it or installing a third-party launcher - some people even grow to like/love it (I like it). It has improved a lot over the years, as independent reviews will tell you.


Seems a great price for what it is. I've set up a notify alert for it on their site for £450 (might never happen, but who knows!) If it doesn't fit in your jeans pocket or threatens to pop out, you'll need to get some kind of man bag for it (assuming you are male).

Canon EOS 200D Body Digital SLR Camera - Black [kit box] £292.99 @ eGlobal Central
Found 1st DecFound 1st Dec
Canon EOS 200D Body Digital SLR Camera - Black [kit box]

That was great deal from Currys with cash back.. But I think it's no longer available.


Answered my one question, no u can't. In that case not a great deal. Would rather by from Curry's for £299 and get warranty


Can you get cashback aswell making it £199


That explains it, I was only looking at the Canon lenses. Thanks.


It was for Fuji. 27mm

Xiaomi Redmi 6 3GB 32GB Dual Sim SIM FREE & UNLOCKED - EU shipped - Black £91.45 @ eGlobalCentral Deals
Found 30th NovFound 30th Nov
Super low price on the Black variant, the blue did dip under £93 in my last Redmi 6 find, but is now back up to £110 in the sale, this black one is in stock and EU dispatched from … Read more

My daughter has this phone and it's been great. Does everything an 11 year old would wan't. It's also had several recent updates and now running the stable global version of MIUI 10 with no issues to date. Don't get the 6A it's worth paying a few quid more for this model. PS. Size wise it's about as big as you want for kids who take their phones to school.


Is there no guarantee on these like ebay/gearbest china sellers? If that is the case probbaly better to wait mi a2 lite deal from amazon/cpw/argos. if you do want a better phone in this price range check out the meizu m6 note


i wont bother buying from them I thought I risk ordering a phone from them and its been 8 days and tracking still says hong kong Departed Operations facility – In Transit nothing since opened a paypal case because I read load of bad reviews where they avoid from giving refund even when gone missing but I see if it turns up next week and hope its not faulty as I after wait extra 10days with paypal to decide


Okay, pulled the trigger on this one. Thanks, heat added!


Yeah, it'll be Global Version but it might not say that on the box. Eglobal are based in Hong Kong and have been known to send the Hong Kong retail version because they have UK plug inside the box. However Hong Kong doesn't use the red "Global Version" sticker on their boxes, but the phone itself would be identical. I think that's the reason why Eglobal don't state "Global Version" on any of their pages.

Xiaomi A2 4GB / 64GB Black £169.99 @ eGlobal Central
Shipping from ChinaShipping from ChinaFound 29th NovFound 29th Nov
Good price with free delivery in 6-8 Business days. Snapdragon 660 - 4GB, 64GB - 5.99 inches IPS LCD, 1080 x 2160, 403 ppi - Rear Camera: 12.0+20.0 MP - Front Camera: 20.0MP … Read more

You have to sign for the item. So if anyone asks for money say no and don't sign. They would then have to take it back to the sorting office, but they would have to put a card in your door with the reason for not delivering to do that...! You would never get an item delivered to your door with a request for money by the royal mail, charges are only ever for postage and your notified by post regarding collection of the item and the outstanding cost.


Does this site sell the global versions fit for the UK? Does anyone know if Tobydeals sell global versions? Eglobal central and TobyDeals uk are the only one's that do not list any of their items as global versions. Reviews have stated pay with PayPal for added back up if anything goes wrong...


I don't think the royal mail or most courier firms in the UK have officially worked that way for years though because it makes their delivery people a target for muggers.


Any postman could spot a alli express/Banggood parcal and just say at door "you have to pay £5 customs or I can't give you it" it would probably work quite often. I wonder if any do!


From the postman