Egyptian cotton 400TC double fitted sheet was £25, scans @ £7.20 sainsburys

Egyptian cotton 400TC double fitted sheet was £25, scans @ £7.20 sainsburys

Found 13th Apr 2014
Found this in Ellesmere Port, shelf says £25 but it checked out at £7.20 (as did a second one shortly after!)
Whatever the reason it was a very welcome reduction on something I was buying anyway!
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These are lovely to sleep on. The pillow cases keep nice and cool too. Wonder if my local has the same price when scanned.
I will have a look for these tomorrow, it's always best buying the best quality for bedding, it lasts so much longer and so comfy. Thank you.
Thks. That'll be me returning the 200TC one for this instead. Do you know if these come in single?
Do you have the barcode? gonna try this tomorrow. heat added
they seem to clearing a lot of bedding / home a kingsize duvet set including bed runner and cushion for £10 down from £50 @ sainsburys worksop
scanned at £17 in Belfast Forestside

scanned at £17 in Belfast Forestside

:-( sorry about that, hoped it'd be a standard thing, just not official yet or something. Hope you didn't go too out of your way.
Barcode confirmed, ending in 893628
Double in cream.

Only one on the shelf in my local store, very very nice to lie on, would have bought another few if I could. Then had them Made into shirts.

While you're in, look for a 2 pack of Egyptian cotton pillow protectors, reduced to circa 2.40 from 14. Deffo a steal at that!
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