Egyptian Cottow Pillowcases Pair Cream or White - £3.95 Delivered

Egyptian Cottow Pillowcases Pair Cream or White - £3.95 Delivered

Found 14th Dec 2008
Indulge in our finest Egyptian Cotton Housewife Pillowcases providing fantastic softness without sacrificing durability. Woven to the highest standards from superior 100% combed Egyptian Cotton with an exceptional weave of 200 thread count, giving a luxurious extra soft feel with gorgeous lustre and an elegant silk touch that caresses your skin. A distinguished quality that's world renowned.

I checked the usual and this seems like a bargain with the free delivery (this weekend only)
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so tempted.. but i've spent too much tonight...
Yep good deal but free delivery this weekend only if I've read properly. Also like above I'm keeping my money back for essentials and not luxuries - sorry.........
What a waste of Egyptian cotton @ 200 thread count, the lowest thread count that you can get with Egyptian cotton , should be at least 400 to make it worth while, such a waste of best cotton doing it at 200 thread count. Just about a good price.,
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