EI SYSTEM 3213 Refurbished Laptop - £199.99 @ Dixons
EI SYSTEM 3213 Refurbished Laptop - £199.99 @ Dixons

EI SYSTEM 3213 Refurbished Laptop - £199.99 @ Dixons

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This laptop is £199.99.
If you have an EGG credit card then get an extra 5% off. There are many ways to get discounts at Dixons online, so this laptop could cost less than £190!!!!
Not sure how long this will last!
Intel Celeron M430 Processor (1.73GHz, 533MHz FSB, 1MB Cache)
Genuine Windows Vista (R) Home Premium
1GB Memory, 40GB Hard Drive


40 HD...Vista will take up a good proportion of that...don't microsoft recommend a 20GB partition?

Problems: 40GB Hard Drive / Screen Size/Type 13.3" WXGA

Not a bad price for the spec (if it has a years warranty ???)

I have a Dell Workstation ( 2 x Xeon 5160 Processors, raided 320GB SAS hard drives, FX3500 Graphics card and 4 GB of buffered ram) for CAD and modelling and got so sick of Vista I have reverted back to XP Pro.

£199 for a refurbished (EI probably a DSG own branded system), Vista home premium, 1GB ram and 12 months warranty you can't go wrong. Vista Premium takes 3GB on a standard install.

I am a Dell fan, however for freinds/family who have had small budget, I have gone for similar DSG refurbished systems. They have always been as brand new but packaged in brown plain boxes. The 2 Advent and 1 EI purchased last year are still happily chugging away (just the usual Microsoft problems).

This deal has to be better than purchasing a second hand laptop with no warranty. The RAM can always be upgraded later and just avoid installing unecessary application.


we have a EI system with vista 60gb hard drive and its a flipping … we have a EI system with vista 60gb hard drive and its a flipping nightmare, crashed after 10 minutes use. i wouldnt waste money again on one

Sorry to hear you had trouble, I think you were just unlucky though because most low end laptops are built with pretty much the same components. There's no reason this should be any worse than other low cost laptops.

I got this exact model, first thing was to upgrade the RAM to 2Gb which costs around £20 and anyone can fit more memory, its easier than you think (if youve never done it before). This is a refurb but apart from the packaging youd never guess. As a second machine or a first step into computing you cant go wrong with £199.

not a good enough spec for Vista. Only buy refurbs with a 3 years warrenty. They are refurbs for a reason, usually warrenty returns, and the faults get fixed with refurbed parts not new parts.
Sorry, cold for me due to spec and price is to high for what your getting.
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