EI SYSTEMS 4115C Refurbished Laptop £239.99 @ currys

EI SYSTEMS 4115C Refurbished Laptop £239.99 @ currys

Found 3rd Mar 2008
comes with 12 months warranty, might not be best spec laptop but good enough for £240
# ntel Celeron C530
# (1.73GHz, 533Mhz, 1MB Cache)
# Genuine Windows Vista(R) Home Basic
# 1GB Memory
# 80GB Hard Drive
* 15.4" WXGA Widescreen
* DVD Superdrive
* Mobile Intel GMA X3100 Graphics
* Built-in webcam
* Integrated Speakers


I would assume that EI have improved since the early days so should be a very good buy.
Expect the battery to be small though!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At the moment the Acer laptop is a far better offer.

I bought virtually the same spec EI laptop from Currys refurbished except that it had a 13" screen. A lot of these are shop returned laptops where someone has returned the item for some reason shortly after buying it.

Mine arrived in a brown cardboard box and inside that were 'gas filled plastic pillows' that protected another brown box inside - inside this was my laptop - indistinguishable from new. It still had all the protective sleeves and stickers in place and was 100% scratch free. If it was refurbished it was done to a very high degree. Not a mark on it. All cables etc in sealed bags.

Now this laptop isnt the most powerful but it will certainly do for general office work and browsing the net. Build quality is OK, fairly slim, and screen was the gloss type (not sure about this one on offer). The only downpoint was the battery life is just under 50 minutes if using the wifi and 1hr 20 mins without wifi. However I rarely use it away from my living room so not a problem for me. I see that this laptop comes with Vista Basic - (mine came with Vista Premium). Vista Basic is exactly that, personally I couldnt live with it but if you dont do a lot then it may be fine for you. I believe it only allows you to run up to 3 applications at a time and only allows up to 1Gb of RAM to be used so future upgrading wont be possible unless you also upgrade your Windows version.

As a guide I paid £210 inc vat and delivery. So this one is about right for the extra 2 inches on the screen. Shame it doesnt have Vista Premium though.

I usually hate shopping at DSG stores but would highly recommend these refurbs to anyone who wants a laptop but doesnt want to spend a lot or just wants general functionality.

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