Posted 26 January 2023

Einhell PXC 18V Brushless Combi Drill - £59.98 @ Toolstation

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About this deal

50% off, there seem to be quite a few in stock.

The Einhell Cordless Impact Drill Driver is a powerful battery operated tool that's tough enough to drill stone and brick. It's part of Einhell's Power X-Change range so it's powered by high quality rechargeable lithium-ion batteries from the PXC series.

This Einhell combi drill has two speed gearing that makes it suitable for powerful drilling as well as screw driving. There's an electronic speed control too so you can make easy adjustments to suit the material and application you're working on. It has a brushless motor for longer running at higher power, which also means wear and tear on the drill is reduced, offering low maintenance. The lithium-ion battery lasts over four times as long in operation versus Ni-MH or Ni-Cad equivalents and also hold their charge better when not in use. You won't be faced with a flat battery when you pick up the tool after a period of down time. The ergonomic design and soft grip handle make this a comfortable tool whenever you have a long list of tasks to power through.

• LED light to illuminate the working area
• High grade 13mm metal drill chuck
• Lightweight (only 1.86kg) for comfortable handling
• Maximum torque 50Nm
• No load speed: 0 - 500 / 0 - 1,800 rpm
• Impact rate 0 - 8000 / 0 - 28,800 bpm
• Includes storage case, battery and charger
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    5% discount with code NJHGFDEH
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    This for sure
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    Only needed a battery and case, but at this price why not get a spare drill for almost nothing really need to do something with these chargers tho, got 4 now, really starting to pile up
    I only need the drill, don't care about the case and already have multiple batteries and chargers
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    Started getting einhell a couple of years ago when they were giving batteries away with every tool. I now only buy einhell and have about 10 batteries. Can't recommend them enough. If only other tool companies cheapened batteries it will encourage more to buy and stick with them. Also better for environment with using same charger
    Also better for environment with using same charger
    Of course, what would be best for the environment would be the companies were mandated to make all batteries compatible with each other.

    Would also be nice if there was the option to not use chemistries with longer lifespan like Lithium Iron Phosphate
    as those are rated at 6,000+ charge cycles whereas normal Lithium-Ion batteries are rated at more like 600 cycles. A bit heavier for the same charge but universal batteries would make it possible that buyers would have a choice.
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    I have this, and its the best drill I ever owned!
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    Just got the last one and the code worked for extra 5% discount.
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    Hopefully they'll bring out a DAB soon (edited)
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    Must resist...

    Assuming the going rate for drill batteries at £10 per Ah, the drill, charger and case are only £20!
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    ‘Ein’ hell of a drill.
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    Ordered thanks.
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    Picked one up. Thanks OP. My current one is fine but a good few years old now.Handy as a spare.
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    Cheers OP needed a spare einhell battery so might as well get the drill to go with it!
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    Perfect timing! Thanks OP
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    Good price with a 4Ah battery. Got too many Einhell drills but it’s almost free if you take into account the battery alone is worth £50
    But 2x 4amp battery is 70£
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    Be quick they’re going fast!
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    Any chance anyone has a comparison or experience between this and the drill in the Fatmax deal please?
    At first glance they seem very similar. I've had Einhell stuff for years but picked up the Fatmax nailer before Xmas so find myself across a few ecosystems currently. Not really in the market for batteries but all of the good deals seem to be on kits at the moment.
    The Fatmax one doesn’t appear to be brushless I think but this one is. Brushless is better from my limited knowledge. (edited)