EIO Clothing - up to 70% Sale - Mens/Ladies T-Shirts - Like Threadless/American Apparel
EIO Clothing - up to 70% Sale - Mens/Ladies T-Shirts - Like Threadless/American Apparel

EIO Clothing - up to 70% Sale - Mens/Ladies T-Shirts - Like Threadless/American Apparel

As there is already a thread for the Threadless sale, I thought I would post the EIO sale, as they are simular sites.

EIO has an up to 70% off their t-shirts, from the current season, and the past 2 seasons.

Also includes jumper and hoodies.

EIO prints all t-shirts on American Apparel (Not Fruit of the loom like Threadless!) so all T-shirts are A+ standard


Eio (Excess is ok), is one of the leading and most creative streetwear brands in the UK. Established in 2003 in London by a group of Goldsmiths graduates, Eio specialises in graphic-based menswear, womenswear, lifestyle products and bespoke artwork. Eio treads a line between high-end street wear, directional style and work of art.

Eio has become a closely followed brand with a large devoted fan base online and in stores around Europe, as well as with bands, celebrities, skaters, surfers and anyone with an eye for a cool piece of clothing. Through its work within music, producing album covers, tour merchandise and bespoke garments for high profile musicians and bands, Eio has established itself as one of the companies to watch out for and is setting, not following trends.

Eio offer unique garments and graphics that stand out from the shelf and stick in the head, bringing to the market individual artwork that is both contemporary and hard to find. Eios signature style is well designed, out of the ordinary hand-printed garments and products incorporating wide-ranging influences from the past to the present.

Eio now has stockists in the UK, France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Sweden, Russia and Canada.

For 2007, the inspiration is New York dance floor meets East End back door and Eio has added to its range of bold, filthy men's and women's tees, jumpers and hoodies with even more unusual illustrations and vintage garment recreations that sit as well in the disco as in the street.

With an eye towards brilliant blended and electro colours, washed out & burnt out effects and distressed finishing techniques on highest quality fabrics, the range puts the ease into sleaze.

At the same time, Eio have extended their range of bold graphics and unique illustrations onto mens and womens underwear. Using print techniques not normally associated with underwear production, Eio have created a brash and sexy addition to their range and to pants worldwide. These are a real eye opener!


Voted warm, think the threadless thread is better, and EIO don't have that greater range in products

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They dont, but the products are better, on AA T-shirts, and are more fashion, rather than gimmick t-shirts

horses for courses though i guess (I have ordered from both)

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Just to clear up, this is a UK website based in London, so delivery takes 2-3 days usually

Sorry for the confusion mods!
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