El Nombre Collection dvd only £1.96 delivered @ UWish

El Nombre Collection dvd only £1.96 delivered @ UWish

Found 24th Jul 2007

...and welcome to the little Mexican border town of Santa Flamingo, the bright and busy desert home of Little Juan and his best friend Pedro Gonzales. Life in this rustic town of ramshackle stores and haciendas would be idyllic without the antics of 'nasty' Don Fandango. Who will rid them of this spiteful bully? El Nombre of course. El Nombre is a masked hero in black, a legend, a star. When summoned he swings into action to rout the bad guy and so much more besides. He's part Errol Flynn, part Zorro, all Mexican Gerbil and the townsfolk simply adore him.

The Complete Collection of 26 Fantastic Stories...
this exclusive DVD features 13 double bills containing the entire collection of all 26 episodes ever produced

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I f***ing love this show


Whats uwish like?

I used to watch this back when I was in my late teens, its funny as hell.

Especially after you've had a few :thumbsup:

This used to be on Cartoon Network along with the original Magic Roundabout, fantastic early hours viewing with your mates!

Does anyone know where you can get the original Magic Roundabout series, I know they band it but it must be around somewhere

Just received a GBA game from uwish today. Couldn't fault the service.


OH MY GOD I f***ing love this … OH MY GOD I f***ing love this showhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hfFcrLus5NQWhats uwish like?


Whats uwish like?

From Macdoona's Monster house thread (too lazy to type it all again!!?)


It seems that on the retail side (they're pretty big on the wholesale … It seems that on the retail side (they're pretty big on the wholesale side already) uWish are looking to build a decent customer base with some very low offers & consistantly good service. I've generally had everything I've ordered land on my doormat within 24-48 hrs (barring weekends & Royal effin' Mail "playdays"). A good (little) company that could teach the big lads a thing or two.................so long as they keep both the service & prices right & don't turn into greedy scumbags like more than a few companies we could all name!!?!?

Aww, I used to watch this in primary school, it was funny from what I can remember. Great price, voted hot.

Argh! I was terrified of this - probably because of the scary animation!

I remember El Nombre being all about maths problems, but I've just seen a few episodes from the DVD (which arrived quickly from uwish) and there's no maths at all :cry:
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