Elbow - The Seldom Seen Kid £3.99 + RAC + Quidco @ Play
Elbow - The Seldom Seen Kid £3.99 + RAC + Quidco @ Play

Elbow - The Seldom Seen Kid £3.99 + RAC + Quidco @ Play

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"Epic post-rock tinged emotional indie stalwarts Elbow release their fourth album 'The Seldom Seen Kid', another staunch and anthemic collection of songs. The tense and emotional sound of previous records remains, but with a distinctly more commercial riff-based template, particularly on lead single 'Grounds For Divorce'. The band produced the record themselves, as with previous records, lending it a homespun quality that would be out of synch with any external influence. Revered by their peers as a reliably independent act, Elbow have created a subtly innovative extension of their sound and scope with 'The Seldom Seen Kid'."

I think with RAC + Quidco it comes to about £3.60

Next cheapest is a fiver (with change)


Don't believe the review which states "riff-based template". I didn't know the band's back catalogue and form but heard 'Grounds For Divorce' on the radio once- loved the echo-y bass drum and hard hi-hat rhythm but the rest of the album is NOTHING like this, I was so disappointed.
It's not for rock fans but I can see the majority of people will dig this album and at £3.99, that's cool.


do people still buy CDs?
If yes, why?

I got this in Woolies for £1.

One Day Like This was my favourite song from last year.

This is a superb album - and at this price, a steal.

Superb meolodies, fantastic lyrics, some "rockier" tracks like "grounds for divorce", some uplifting songs like "One day like this", and some heart wrenching stuff like "The lonliness of the Tower Crane Driver" (which despite the dodgy title is brilliant!).

If you're into good music and not worried about fitting music into genres then get this album


Incredible album and great live band well worth £3.99 of anyones money, also highly recommend leaders of the free world for more of the same.


do people still buy CDs?If yes, why?

A decent hi-fi setup will show up the flaws in most digital downloads (e.g. mp3's), a CD is higher in quality.


do people still buy CDs?If yes, why?

I like owning the physical entity - the art work and design is part of the whole package of an album for me.

Also, come the day that a computer inevitably self destructs / a virus dissolves the hard drive / etc / etc it'd be nice not to lose years of music purchaces all in one go.

Great album, I saw them live in Edinburgh last month and they were fantastic.

It was along wait for the price of CD's to come down. I b(r)ought one when they first came out and now that they can be had for as little as £2.99 I might buy another one. If I don't like the tunes I can scare birds with it. I guess that's a hot vote from me. Yeah I know this one is a ripoff £3.99 but with this band you really can tell your Elbow from your ****.


do people still buy CDs?If yes, why?

I buy CDs all the time and only download a handful of albums that I want to get a taster of. Many of my favourite bands are on small labels and based all over the world from Argentina to New Zealand so I like to support them by buying their stuff and it's a nice feeling, like dombrewer says, to own and collect the physical media.

Incidentally, this album was a torrent download, LOL :whistling:
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